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Video: Our VCU Fantasy Starting Five

Since Mat’s putting together a team made up of VCU alumni for the The Basketball Tournament, we got to thinkin’, who would be on our all-time VCU fantasy line up. Assume that every player is in their prime and age isn’t a factor, who would you put on your VCU starting line up?

For good measure, we all selected a 6 man to provide that spark off the bench for what would already be a pretty stellar line up no matter how you put it together.

Here are our picks, feel free to chime in the comment section with your own all-time VCU fantasy starting 5.


  1. Not confusing individual talent with team achievement: Calvin Duncan (G), Gerald Henderson (G), Nick George (SF), Kendrick Warren (PF), Larry Sanders (C), Briante Weber (6th man)

  2. Larry Sanders
    Briante Weber
    Eric Maynor
    Treveon Graham
    Mo Alie-Cox
    Justin Tillman (6th man)

  3. Love the video and discussion. You have 3 cams running? Two on tripod and another with a guy moving around the table? Nice editing.

  4. Eric Maynor
    Melvin Johnson (not mentioned on anyone’s list? He’s an all-time talent)
    Treveon Graham
    Kendrick Warren
    Larry Sanders

    Sixth man: Briante Weber

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