Video: Our VCU Fantasy Starting Five

Since Mat’s putting together a team made up of VCU alumni for the The Basketball Tournament, we got to thinkin’, who would be on our all-time VCU fantasy line up. Assume that every player is in their prime and age isn’t a factor, who would you put on your VCU starting line up?

For good measure, we all selected a 6 man to provide that spark off the bench for what would already be a pretty stellar line up no matter how you put it together.

Here are our picks, feel free to chime in the comment section with your own all-time VCU fantasy starting 5.

  1. AlienAiden says

    Eric Maynor
    Brad Burgess
    Treveon Graham
    Kendrick Warren
    Ren Watson

  2. NCRam says

    Weber, Duncan, Sanders, Maynor, BBurg – 6th Man would be Graham

  3. Shtam says

    Not confusing individual talent with team achievement: Calvin Duncan (G), Gerald Henderson (G), Nick George (SF), Kendrick Warren (PF), Larry Sanders (C), Briante Weber (6th man)

  4. stacycarson13 says

    Larry Sanders
    Briante Weber
    Eric Maynor
    Treveon Graham
    Mo Alie-Cox
    Justin Tillman (6th man)

  5. Mat Shelton-Eide says

    Too late for me to change my 6th man to Bradford Burgess? Dude could play almost anywhere on the court, 1-4.

  6. BradRamFan says

    Love the video and discussion. You have 3 cams running? Two on tripod and another with a guy moving around the table? Nice editing.

  7. Riggo82 says

    Eric Maynor
    Melvin Johnson (not mentioned on anyone’s list? He’s an all-time talent)
    Treveon Graham
    Kendrick Warren
    Larry Sanders

    Sixth man: Briante Weber

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