Briante Weber educates internet troll

Being in the spotlight can be a lot of fun, but in this day in age comes with a large annoyance that celebs of years past did not have to deal with: internet trolls.

You know, “haters”. Folks who spend large periods of their day raining on the parades of others, most often in an attempt to validate their miserable existences.

“RowdyPkunk” from our Ram Nation forums dug up an example of such, that being this recent exchange between former Ram Briante Weber (now with the Miami Heat) and some random guy named Eric who spends a good portion of his life wishing he were somebody else.

Short and sweet, but effective in my book. Weber has battled back from what looked like a career-ending knee injury to a roster spot with the Miami Heat, doing so in less than a year’s time.

What did you ever do in life, Eric?

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