Video: Top 10 plays from the second half of the season [INSIDER]

We know it’s only June but we cannot stress enough how ready we are for basketball. In an attempt to ease the pain, we’ve put together a Top 10 video of VCU highlights from the second half of the season.

This is by no means a scientific study…it’s like, just our opinion man. So feel free to let us know in the comments which play deserves more love.

  1. BradRamFan says

    I liked all of these and thought they were deserving.

    But, there was another triple play that I thought should have been a top ten. Can’t remember everyone in it but I believe it was Mel stealing the ball and going to the basket, passing to JQ running down the middle who then bounces it back to a trailing Tillman for the slam.

    At least I think that was the play.

  2. Ramlove81 says

    One glaring omition. Mo’s posterizing of the GW player would have been my #1. But what you have here is great! Too many great plays to choose just 10!

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