Video: Ed Nixon and Darius Theus interview

Two of the rams from the 2011 Final Four team, Ed Nixon and Darius Theus, joined us for an interview where we talk about the most memorable moments from their impractical run from 5 years ago.

With Theus on coach Wade’s coaching staff, we get some insight as to this year’s team and who he thinks is getting ready to make a name for himself with the ram nation faithful.

This is just an excerpt from our entire interview which you can enjoy when you sign up as an Insider.

Michael Hagan is a '04 VCU Graduate (Mass Comm) and a lifelong Richmonder. He also is a full time commercial & video producer. His favorite VCU ...
  • drdavidellis
  • December 19, 2016
Great interview. Really enjoyed listened. Near the end of part two. All of you mentioned you had favorite moments but then you only let them give theirs. I want to hear them all I was so pumped. And Inlike Ed and Darius both am looking forward to TBT.