Ram fans, it’s time to embrace the hate

In a matter of just five days, VCU has managed to win two of the types of games most programs don’t win in a lifetime. The Rams came back from the dead — the dead being a deficit with less than 0.5 seconds to play in this case — not once, but twice. Both plays involved officials and both kept VCU where they’ve been since basically joining the Atlantic 10: No.1 in the conference.

That has not sat well with other Atlantic 10 fans.

“That was a cheap play, a terrible call, and, frankly, a blow to the integrity of the game.”
“Wade drew up an illegal play and counted on A10 refs to be shitty enough to miss it.”
“A10 is trying to keep VCU an at-large because they sure as hell won’t win the tournament.”
“VCU has benefited from way too many BS ref calls since Wade took over.”
“Is that not the luckiest POS team you have ever seen?”
“Who says you can’t rig a basketball game. the refs just stole a game for VCU”

VCU has so many advantages over most Atlantic 10 teams. The University has one of the largest alumni bases and student bodies in the league, plays in one of the best practice facilities in the country and is consistently recruiting at a level most A-10 teams can only dream about. Being the beneficiary of two controversial calls is just enough added advantage to drive Atlantic 10 foes nuts.

In short, in many ways we have become the Duke of the Atlantic 10.

Feels weird, right? But it’s our new reality and one not set to change as long as VCU remains a force in this conference. You can search high and low but you’ll be hard-pressed to find much love or sympathy for the black and gold in this 14-team league.

So you know what I say? It’s time to embrace the hate.

On a national level we’ve still got a little underdog status left, a little Cinderella love, but even that is quickly vanishing. On the conference level, we are public enemy No.1. We are the team that sells out rarely sold out home games when the black and gold circus comes to town. We are the team fans love to hate, or even the team they just hate.

Embrace it. Be the dark side.

If the character we are now cast as is the villain, we might as well have some fun with it and play the part well. This is sports entertainment, not a matter of life and death, so enjoy the role. Let their hatred give you power, because you, Ram fans, are now officially members of the dark side.

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