Mike’l Simms by the numbers

It’s been a wild week in the Commonwealth. Not long after the University announced Samir Doughty’s transfer they picked up a commitment from somewhat of a similar style player in JUCO transfer, Richmond native Mike’l Simms.

What do we know about Simms? We knows he’s a Richmond native who, like Brandon “The Mayor” Rozzell, played his high school ball at Highland Springs. We also know he had a nice freshman JUCO year, starting strong but ending even stronger and thus earning scholarship offers this offseason from the likes of Wichita State, NC State and Pittsburgh before ultimately opting to play for his home town team at VCU.

Simms finished his freshman JUCO season strong, averaging 28 points over his last four games at Crowley.

Statistically speaking…
Minutes per game: 22.4
Points per game: 14
Rebounds per game: 4.4
Assists per game: 0.8
Turnovers per game: 1.4
Steals per game: 1.4
Field goal percentage: 43.8%
3-point field goal percentage: 35.8%
True shooting percentage: 55.3%
Effective field goal percentage: 51.2%

Those are all very good numbers for the 6’5 guard, but what really blew up Simms’ stock was his strong finish. Simms averaged 24 points per game his final eight contests, 28 ppg his final four.

One of my favorite basketball numbers geek activities is to see how players did in extended minutes. Often times players don’t play their game when playing small samples. Usually they are inserted briefly alongside more experienced players and in most cases are more conservative in their approach (unless you are Ahmed Hamdy).

Simms when playing 20 or more minutes (19 games)…
Minutes per game: 27.1
Points per game: 17.5
Rebounds per game: 5
Assists per game: 1
Turnovers per game: 1.5
Steals per game: 1.4
Field goal percentage: 43.6%
3-point field goal percentage: 42.9%
True shooting percentage: 54.8%
Effective field goal percentage: 53.5%

Simms when playing 30 or more minutes (5 games)…
Minutes per game: 34.8
Points per game: 26.8
Rebounds per game: 6.2
Assists per game: 0.4
Turnovers per game: 1
Steals per game: 1.6
Field goal percentage: 48.5%
3-point field goal percentage: 33.3%
True shooting percentage: 60.7%
Effective field goal percentage: 54.5%

Editor’s note: True shooting percentage takes into account free throws. In short, FG% can make it look like a player isn’t a “great shooter”. But if they are an attacking type (like a Samir Doughty, Rob Brandenberg or Eric Maynor) that goes hard at the basket for difficult finishes in the lane that draw fouls on an opposing team, they have an opportunity to turn missed field goals into made free throws. Ya follow? Effective field goal percentage on the other hand takes into account a three-point shot being rewarded with an extra point. Therefor someone who makes two of 10 three-point attempts is effectively doing the same damage as someone who makes three of 10 twos (both equal six points, or an effective field goal percentage of 30%).

A season of JUCO would suggest Simms is a well-rounded scorer, one who can hit the three and who is deadly accurate from the free throw stripe, thus lifting both his true shooting and effective field goal percentages over 50%, exactly where you want them to be for a guard. Simms’ size and athleticism makes him a strong rebounding guard, but one who may not be counted on for many assists. A solid comparison would be a Korey Billbury type, but with a more accurate free throw stroke that helps lift his advanced shooting percentages.

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  • June 3, 2017
Great insight! Thanks. We're all pretty excited to have Mike'l. What a crazy off season!! Our program blows up several times since the season ended but always, and immediately, reassembles itself looking even better than before. There's some "team of destiny" stuff going on right now for VCU Men's Basketball. Go Rams!!