VCU unveils this season’s road uniforms

VCU Basketball pulled back the current on one of the three uniforms this year’s hoops team will wear, taking to Twitter to show up the Rams’ road black uniforms.

The uniforms are essentially the 2015-16 VCU uniforms with a gold stripe down the side. The Rams wore those uniforms in Will Wade’s first season at VCU, marching on to the NCAA tournament where they took down Oregon State before coming up just short against Oklahoma.

We at Ram Nation ran informal Twitter and Instagram polls this past month asking which recent VCU black uniform was the favorite of Ram fans, and that 2015-16 uniform was the overwhelming favorite, suggesting despite some vocal detractors, this year’s uniforms should be pretty popular as well.

VCU’s Chris Kowalczyk suggested on Twitter that it could be a while before VCU’s home whites and gold alternates (rumored to be a throwback jersey to celebrate VCU’s 50th season) are revealed.

  1. Grammar geek says

    Think you meant to say curtain*… pulled back the curtain*

  2. Ram fan says

    Shouldn’t that be curtain?

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