A closer look at 5-5 and some promising numbers [INSIDER]

The Rams will wrap up their non-conference schedule over these next three games, then enter Atlantic 10 play. VCU’s 5-5 record against a brutal OOC slate is perhaps not surprising, yet no less disappointing after letting two potential top-100 wins (Michigan and Texas) escape despite leads within the last two minutes of play. What have
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  1. Meagan Tate says

    I really appreciate your website, your tweets, and your overall views as a Rams fan, as well as your political beliefs. However, I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with my experience as an Insider. Originally I was an Insider as brad.tate and I cancelled my subscription during the off season. I tried repeatedly (over and over) to resubscribe, with no success. Then, I enroll as an Insider under meagan.tate and recently cancelled my subscription. Supposedly, I should still have access as an Insider because my payment was for a month. However, when I log in, it says I need to upgrade my account to read the rest of the content. I am extremely disappointed in my experience as an Insider and you really should make it easier to contact you, especially as an Insider.

  2. cooktq says

    I’m afraid I have to reinforce this comment. I log in and am told I am “currently logged in.” Then I go to an Insider story and I am told I can read it if I log in. And so on over and over.

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