Video: Marcus Santos-Silva 2017-2018 highlights

Based off his freshman year, I can tell, I’m gonna love rising sophomore Marcus Santos-Silva. The Massachusetts native may have only averaged 9.8 minutes per game in his first year, but what he lacked in playing time, he made up for in passion.

He has trimmed down since arriving on campus last year and you can see how with his constant energy on the court.

Santos-Silva averaged 3.1 points per game but I’m betting we see a nice step up next year, especially with his already strong post game getting even stronger.

Here are just a few of his highlights from the 2017-2018 season.

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  • May 28, 2018
I, too, think this young man has strong potential. There are a couple of old school Washington Bullets players he might find interesting. Their down low games were similar to what I think Marcus is trying to do. And their physiques were similar to his. Wide bodied strong guys. Do some research Marcus and look for videos of Wes Unseld and Jeff Ruland. Two exception players who knew how to use their bodies to get to and use the backboard to their advantage. Marcus has that moving away from his opponent hook shot that could be a strong weapon. If he could meld his game with the moves of Unseld and Ruland he could be a real force!

Oh....and while you're looking at old Bullets films, check out Elvin Hayes. His fade away jump shot was impossible to block. Jordon and Bird had the same shot. It creates space when you're down low with the tall trees that can jump. You could play at the next level if you study those four players. You don't need a 42" vertical leap to be effective near the basket. You're well on the way young man!!! Go Rams!!