Time saving tip for adding VCU basketball dates to your calendar

Now that the 2019-2020 basketball schedule is released, it’s time to get those dates locked in on your calendar. We have already taken the liberty of doing this for you, so if you’re just a bit tech savvy, you should have no problem adding our calendar to yours.

We have pre-populated this calendar with all of dates, times, locations, and TV coverage available at this time. We will continue to maintain this calendar as additional information is added – like tip times when they are updated.

This calendar has been updated for a number of years, so you’ll also have access to all of the old seasons as well.

Add this calendar once, and you’ll never have to add it again. We will continue to keep this up to date for years to come.

To add, just choose from the links below:

CLICK HERE to add to Google Calendar

CLICK HERE to add to other calendar applications

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