Podcast: 20 minutes with Marcus Santos-Silva

We’re really excited to share today’s episode, a full 20 minutes of question and answer from our recent interview with VCU junior Marcus Santos-Silva. If you want to see the video interview in its entirety, you can find it at this link.

Marcus had an incredible sophomore season, seeing his averages jump to 10.0 points (from 3.1) and 7.4 rebounds (from 3.0) per game over his freshman year. He started all 33 games for VCU last season, and is poised to have yet another incredible season as VCU’s premier big man.

Santos-Silva set aside some time to talk with us about his first two seasons, and his expectations for his junior season. He walks us through his conditioning over the last 3 years, where he shed almost 50 pounds since making his commitment to play for the Rams. We talk about what it takes to succeed at VCU, and his best and worst moments over the last few years.
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Matt has been reporting on VCU sports for the past 12 years. He is also a graduate of VCU (BS in Information Systems, 2004, Executive MS in Informatio...


Mar 18, 2013
Love the content. Keep it coming.
If you can, I'd love to get some insider info from the staff too.
Strength and conditioning, Training, Facilities, Basketball Operations, heck even the day in the life of a GA. In other words, a 360 view of the everything VCU Basketball.

For a bonus, give the Women's Team some love too. They were won the Regular season last year, had coach of the year, and are also picked to finish 1st in the conf.

Keep doing what you guys are doing. Love the new content and podcasts that you guys are doing.


Top Member
Feb 9, 2009
Just click there - the links are black, I need to fix that...