Game Preview: VCU v Florida Gulf Coast [INSIDER]

It’s been eight years since VCU hosted the then little-known Florida Gulf Coast, a 80-57 black and gold victory no one realized was as impressive as it ended up being until that year’s FGCU, aka “Dunk City” team, would go on to advance to a Sweet 16. Both teams are one their second coach since the meeting, the Rams having sustained their success since that season, an NCAA tournament year, but Florida Gulf Coast, not so much. VCU catches that Atlantic Sun squad at their weakest since that year, the Eagles limping into the Stu at 1-4 and ranked just 272nd nationally by kenpom, their lowest ranking since 2012.

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A two-time graduate of VCU (School of the Arts '07, Center for Sport Leadership '10), Mat is a co-founder of VCU Ram Nation and a longtime fan as the ...