Game Preview: VCU at ODU [INSIDER]

VCU makes the short trip down 64 East today to take on rival ODU in what’s very much a matchup between two programs that have gone in opposite directions. The two last shared a conference in 2012, the Rams winning the Colonial Athletic Association that season before winning a game in the NCAA tournament. Since then ODU has appeared in just one NCAA tournament while VCU has been in seven. The Rams are very much basketball-focused while football seems to have taken up much of the Monarchs attention, something they have struggled in as well since going DI.

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Feb 12, 2009
Two stats from doing this that really stood out to me:

effective field goal % offense
VCU: 45.9%
ODU: 44.8%

You know how bad we've been at shooting? Isn't it CRAZY to see a team has been worse AND...against a MUCH easier schedule. We will be the first top-100 team they've played this year. They've played only one in the top-150, which is No.150 Mason. We've played four top-100s, two of which were top-25.

strength of schedule
ODU: 232
VCU: 63

Just matching up the stats and seeing who both have done against who is pretty wild. If this was at the Stu and say on paper this is setup to be a blowout. Kenpom has this a two-point game down in Norfolk. If I wasn't a nervous VCU fan I'd hammer those points, especially considering our numbers are mostly what they are without Ace Baldwin's impact. Also curious if we'll get Hason and MBJ back today.