Exclusive video interview with returning pep band director Ryan Kopacsi

HE’S BACK!!! Ryan Kopacsi is returning to VCU as the pep band director. Kopacsi left VCU in June of 2016 after agreements couldn’t be reached between the two parties relating to salary and scholarship funding for student band members. Prior to his departure, Ryan served as band director for the Peppas for 18 years. He was largely responsible for garnering national attention for VCU, drawing accolades from many in the news media, including Charles Barkley who proclaimed a “man crush” on Ryan during the 2016 NCAA tournament.

His arrangements, timing, and antics were largely unrivaled in college sports, and VCU fans will be thrilled with his return.

We sat down to talk with Ryan and reflect on his time away from the program, what it means to return, and what changes to the gameday atmosphere VCU fans can expect.

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Matt has been reporting on VCU sports for Ram Nation since 2007 with a focus on news, photos, and feature stories.
He @MattRock & @Natty, as a VCURN Insider I suggest that this particular video be made public for free viewing here and on Twitter. If it helps sell even a couple ticket packages it is worth it.
Good interview by the way.
It is... there's an 8 minute version visible to all, and a 23 minute version visible only to insiders :)