About Us

VCU Ram Nation is an independent news organization that provides insider information on players, staff, and team progress. We provide new age media in the form of audio and video interviews and highlights, as well as traditional written media. We provide interviews with players, coaches, league resources, and fans to give a in-depth look at the team throughout the season and offseason.

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VCU Ram Nation is comprised of four VCU grads turned basketball junkies:

Mat Shelton-Eide

VCU School of the Arts, 2007
VCU Center for Sport Leadership, 2010

Favorite VCU Moment: Sitting under the basket and filming Treveon Graham hit a three-pointer dagger to beat UVA at the JPJ.

Worst VCU Moment: Beating Duke by only 2 pts.

Interests: Good coffee, beaches and VCU hoops.

Matt Morton

BS Information Systems, 2004
Executive MS, Information Systems, 2016

Favorite VCU Moment: When Michael Doles was carried across the court after the most amazing comeback win at the Siegel Center, ever.

Worst VCU Moment: Never a bad moment.

Interests: Prying into the lives of players, podcasting, photos, website development, etc.

Michael Hagan

VCU Mass Comm, 2004

Favorite VCU Moment: All of them.

Worst VCU Moment: losing to ODU for J Shu’s last VCU/ODU Match up at the Siegel Center.

Interests: Filmmaking, basketball, VCU Rams.

Marcus Shrock

VCU Religious Studies, 2006

Favorite VCU Moment: Michael Doles comeback win against the Seahawks and/or beating Duke.

Worst VCU Moment: Losing to ODU for the first time at the Siegel Center.

Interests: college basketball, making music, the Avalon.