Brown-Jones, Tsohonis, Nichols Jr. enter transfer portal

As VCU's 2021-2022 season comes to an end, three current players (Marcus Tsohonis, Mikeal Brown-Jones, Jimmy Nichols Jr.) have entered the transfer portal. Not uncommon in today's landscape of college hoops, these departures will open up three roster spots that VCU head coach Mike Rhoades and staff are looking to quickly fill by also exploring options within the transfer portal.

Mikeal Brown-Jones[/HEADING=2]
Perhaps the most surprising of the three departures, Mikeal Brown-Jones helped VCU in critical games down the stretch, scoring 11 pts and 7 rebounds in a home win against Richmond and 15 pts and 6 rebounds in a home win against George Mason. He average 4 ppg and 2.6 rpg and was considered a critical piece of VCU's bench rotation. His minutes were limited in the last 6 games where he averaged just over 3 minutes of playing time, which likely contributed to his departure.

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Marcus Tsohonis[/HEADING=2]
After transferring from Washington, Tsohonis played 1 season with the Rams where he averaged 5.1 ppg. He scored a season high of 17 points, hitting 5 three pointers at La Salle. Marcus was used as a combo guard and spot up shooter, but struggled with inconsistency throughout the season. VCU fans are not surprised with his departure after playing a career-low 14.3 minutes per game.;t=dpFcMhrVdLrAUKnlS3hfwA

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Jimmy Nichols Jr.[/HEADING=2]
Jimmy was initially recruited by VCU in high school, and transferred from Providence by way of the portal, but saw very limited action for the Rams this season. He played in just 8 games for VCU, where he averaged under 5 minutes per game.;t=2cg_hc1mi8ahL2GnKWqJ0w

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Moving Forward[/HEADING=2]
With the recent departures, VCU is currently exploring transfer options, making contacts with a few players on the market:

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