FanZone Submission: Three-ring Havoc circus

<div> will be featuring Fan submissions. Simply click on the FanZone link at the top of the site, submit your story (including pictures if you have any, if not we can supply some!) and the rest is Ram Nation history. Here's our first submission from "Mattering Ram", one of the fine folks at  the "Ramble On" podcast.</div>
Havoc is fun, Ram Nation is fun, exhibition games combining the two are big top fun and both got to stretch their legs Friday during a game that meant zero in the scheme of wins and losses, but ‘Havoc don’t care’!

Havoc and Ram Nation, unintentionally built for exhibitions --- someone mentioned a three ring circus, I think -- was unleashed at <span class="aBn" tabindex="0" data-term="goog_217912881"><span class="aQJ">Friday</span></span> night’s exhibition versus the Vulcans from Pennsylvania -- bless their ears -- and was nothing short of the kick off of a Ringling Bros. show.

You had ‘That Animal’ cooking in the Stu, with its sizzling new score board and saucy bangin’ sound system, and those hot Peppas on fire, plus the full accoutrement of the various other spices mixed and frenzied up after being kept on the shelf for many months and you have what you had <span class="aBn" tabindex="0" data-term="goog_217912882"><span class="aQJ">Friday</span></span> night.

There were high flying acrobats, tame and untamed manes. Plus various other excitement abound, and everyone ate their popcorn and sang their songs and had a glorious time in welcoming the greatest show on earth back to its rightful place, you almost forget how great we have it!

(*See @VCUPavs Mason/VCU exhibition juxtaposition twitpic to see how special we really do have it.)

In all seriousness when you match up a team built on going full tilt for 40 minutes without the pressure of a W or L on their official season resume against a team that is well, not built for full tilt, look out!

<a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-13338" src="" alt="B18_gktIQAAo24V" width="300" height="300" /></a>This infographic begs the question; will we have a game this year where we have more blocks than steals #NewFormOfHavoc
<div>You get freshman getting double digit minutes, running and rim rocking, getting double-doubles. You also get the local little guy tumbling all over the court stealing, driving, and dishing like it’s March in 2011. The Melvin going from 0–100 in the matter of seconds. A Freight Train not even needing to leave the station. You even get Dougie dishing! You get more than Mo saying No! It was quiet a sight to see, unbridled havoc, all without its ring leader no less.So let’s not get hung up in the statistics and takeaways. The only definitive thing that happened Friday night was that the team on the court as well as off the court (fans) got to spend some quality time together, getting to know each other a little more, a live dress rehearsal to get some kinks out and getting back to doing what we do best! Crying Havoc, and letting slip the Rams of War!

— Ramble On to Annapolis Maryland!

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