Graham Joins Spurs For NBA Summer League

Treveon Graham worked out with 12 NBA teams this offseason. He was also selected as MVP of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, which sent 5 players to the NBA. We waited patiently last night, but Treveon Graham's name was not called during the 2015 NBA Draft. This wasn't a huge surprise, as he was listed in the upper 60s / 70s on most draft boards.

This morning, reported that Treveon has been selected to play with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Summer League. He will attempt to follow the path that former teammate Troy Daniels took, hoping to continue to impress the NBA and eventually find a spot on a final roster.

Treveon Graham left an incredible legacy at VCU, finishing as the second leading scorer in school history. Having witnessed his talent and work ethic over the past 4 years, I have no doubt he will eventually work his way into the league.
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