Grant Meets with Alabama

<img class="alignright" src="" alt="" width="144" height="216" />The Richmond Times Dispatch is reporting that Coach Grant is meeting with Alabama for more talks with the enemy. Alabama papers are reporting that Coach Grant is likely to be offered the job. Sources say Coach met with Alabama AD Mal Moore and Executive AD Dave Hart in Richmond this past Sunday.

Let me be real with you Ram Nation...this doesn't look good.

Mat Shelton-

UPDATE* THE PLOT THICKENS!!! Grant has returned to Richmond to... "think it over". While he is thinking it over he very well may be paying close attention Kentucky's possible firing of Head Coach Billy Gellespie. It's been reported for some time now that Florida Head Coach Billy Donavan has had an interest in that position, which could result in Anthony Grant's SECOND job offer to become the Gator's head coach.

While he weighs those options it's possible Alabama may start to weigh theirs...depending on the success of Missouri Coach Mike Anderson. Anderson had some very successful years in the state as head coach of the UAB Blazers, and many in Alabama have argued he is more qualified than Grant to take that position. Many Tide fans have expressed their fear that Coach Grant's resume may be too similar to outgoing coach Mike Gottfried, who had three successful years at Murray State and 8 years as a successful assistant at UCLA. I've even heard to Grant referred to as "Grant-friend" several times already.
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