Jordan Murphy Commits to VCU, Rounds Out 2015

<a href=""><img class="alignright wp-image-13352 size-medium" src="" alt="2908252" width="224" height="300" /></a>After a nerve-wracking day of anticipation, VCU fans can finally relax with the rounding out of what will potentially be another top 25 recruiting class to start in 2015.  VCU secured its second commitment of the day and final for 2015 with a signed letter of intent from a highly sought-after recruit out of San Antonio - Jordan Murphy.

Jordan chose VCU and turned down a ton of offers from the likes of UNLV, Creighton, Maryland, Texas A&amp;M, Baylor, Marquette, Memphis, and Oklahoma. VCU swept in under the radar with a late visit with Murphy, and it was said to come down to VCU and UNLV. In an <a href="" target="_blank">interview with</a>, Jordan said:
<blockquote>"It's pretty much those two right now," Murphy told "I'm up in the air about what to do, I have to figure that out. "What's best for me? How do I fit on the floor and which academic situation is best?"</blockquote>
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Jordan is a 6'7, 220 lb small forward who averaged 23.2 ppg and 9.7 rpg during his junior season at Brennan High School. He is known to disrupt offenses and had a great jumper. He is a top 10 in the state of Texas and ranks #115 nationally with Rivals. Though, we expect that ranking to improve further as he progresses through his senior season.


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