Liveblog - NCAA Round 1: VCU @ UCLA

Eric drives the baseline and Collison will pick up his fourth foul. 6th team foul. TJ gets called for a foul. Looks like not all the ref's were convinced, sort of looked like a flop. Official review shows nothing I guess as they call it on TJ still. Holiday hits a jumper just inside the three point line. Good defense by TJ, not to much more he could have done in that position. Eric is sent back to the line. VCU is now shooting in the bonus. Maynor misses the first and will not be rewarded with a second. Maynor is called for the foul and Holiday is shooting in the bonus now. UCLA gets the largest lead of the night. 55-44 UCLA. 7:48 to play in Philly.

Back from the timeout and Larry is at the line to shoot two. Misses the first. Second is good. That will bring the Rams within 7. Aboya pushes back to 9. Larry misses a baseline jumper, but Nixon has a great follow through out of no where. 6 point game. Eric guts into the lane and is fouled by roll. He shoots two. First is good. Second verse same as the first. VCU is brought this back to a four point game. 47-43 UCLA. 10:14 to play. TJ fouls Dragovic and sends him to the line for one and one. He will indeed shoot two. He gets both. Blah.... Six point game. Aboya picks up his third foul as Sanders is at the line for two. Gets the first. Misses the second.

Missed free throw by Eric and UCLA rebounds the ball. Long story short they turn the ball over. VCU ball. Aboya picks up his second foul. TJ gets a big offensive rebound, but VCU can't capitalize. Rozzell misses a three and UCLA gets the ball back. UCLA gets a basket. Blah. Whatever. Maynor gets a floater. And UCLA gets those points back on the other end. Maynor finds Lary for a dunk and the VCU faithful are on their feet. Missed floater by Collison and Larry gets the board. Good looking pass to Larry in the key by TJ but he can't hold onto it and VCU turns the ball over. Shipp gets fouled by Sanders on the shot attempt. He makes both. Larry gets his third foul. VCU gets their 6th team foul. UCLA isn't missing free throws. None of those equal fun times in Philly. But there is no one I trust more than Anthony Grant. 45-38 UCLA. 12:12 to play in someone's season. Timeout.

We start the second half and UCLA will bring the ball in. UCLA forces a shot and misses. Out of bounds to VCU. Larry gets a 10 foot baseline jumper to fall. KP gets called for his first foul. Josh Shipp is shooting two for UCLA. He gets both to drop. Bradford gets the ball to Larry and he hits a baby hook. KP gets called for another foul and limps off the court. TJ checks in. Quick action back and forth. Larry gets a block Eric gets the ball to Joey and he can't hit the three. Bradford gets a block on the defensive and Eric gets the ball back to Joey who misses another three. The other end of the court Joey gets a foul and Aboya gets two shots at the line. Which he makes. Pushes the lead back to ten points for UCLA. 39-29 UCLA. 16:52 to play. Bradford hits a big three for VCU and pulls them within seven. Bradford gets called for the foul going for an offensive rebound. Eric drives the lane and Collison gets called for his third foul. Eric gets the bucket and a free throw when we come back from the timeout. 39-34 UCLA. 15:51 to play.

Right out of the time out and UCLA drains another three. VCU trails by seven. Can't get our offense going at all right now. Gotta get a turnover, and we do! Our defense pulls through for us. Cross court pass to Joey and he misses a three foot lay in. UCLA comes down and makes their layup. KP turns the ball over and UCLA is in position to make this a double digit lead for them. Collison pulls up and hits a three. TJ gets a rebound of a missed Rozzell three. KP gets a layup out of it. 35-25 UCLA leads. 52.8 seconds left in the first. KP gets a defensive rebound and gets fouled by Holiday. He gets to the line to shoot one-and-one but can't connect. UCLA turns the ball over and will get the final possession of the half. Ball is in Maynor;s hands.... he passes to TJ with one second left. TJ pulls a three but it does not drop. UCLA heads to halftime with a ten point advantage. 35-25 UCLA. Halftime. Gotta come back out of the half and play like it's the last game of your season, maybe even your college career.

Maynor sits to take a rest. A Bradford to Sanders pass is picked off and UCLA gets the ball back. Jeremy Anderson fouls Joey and sends him to the line for one-and-one. He gets the first to fall and will get a second attempt; which will go in as well. VCU reclaims the lead 23-22. 4:58 to play. Larry gets called for the foul and has to sit. Maynor and KP check back in. UCLA shoots two but only get one to convert. Tie game. Keefe scores after a missed three by Bradford. UCLA just went on a 5-0 run and takes the lead back. 27-23 UCLA. Nixon turns the ball over and VCU is looking sloppy all of a sudden. Not taking care of the ball on the offensive end is putting a lot of pressure on our defense to get back. There is 3:42 to play in the first half. 27-23 UCLA leads. Timeout.

Rozzell checks in. Aboya hits his free throw. Rozzell comes in and his impact is immediately felt as he drains a three. Eric pulls his first three, but can't connect. Timeout. UCLA leads 13-11. 11:56 to play in the first. Larry has been on the bench for about five minutes. Matt White informs me it has been since the 16:21 mark. Burgess and Saintil check in and VCU shifts to a 2-3 zone defense. Shot clock runs down and UCLA forces a shot. Aboya gets called for over the back and ball heads in VCU's direction. Another missed three by UCLA and Keefe is called for an over the back. Both teams have 4 team fouls. Maynor jukes Collison and heads into the paint. He is fouled by Roll as he is shooting. Maynor is at the line for two shots. He hits both and the game is all knotted up. Larry comes back in and immediately gets a big time block. Rozzell can't convert and UCLA comes down and hits a three. Collison picks up his second foul as Maynor drives the lane and tries to put the shot. Eric is shooting two. He gets both. and UCLA leads by one. 16-15 UCLA. 9:16 to play. UCLA can't handle our pressure and turns the ball over again. VCU ball. Keefe comes out to guard Maynor and fouls him. That is his second and the seventh team foul on UCLA. Maynor is back at the line for the one-and-one. He misses and UCLA will bring the ball up-court. UCLA hits a three. That will push their lead to four. Joey is back in the game. Larry misses a dunk and UCLA hits another three point shot. Got to start defending that line. They are the number seven team in the nation at shooting the three. Bradford gets three points back for the Rams. UCLA misses a three and Joey shows them how to shoot from beyond that arch. Go get em Joey! UCLA turns the ball over on a travel and a timeout is called. 22-21 UCLA leads. 6:19 to play in the first.

VCU wins the tip. This Maynor vs Collison showdown is gonna be good I think. Joey turns the ball over as UCLA has a tight defense. Larry picks up a quick and early foul at the 18:36 mark. Good passing by the Bruins is making VCU do a lot of running. Josh Shipp step to the line and makes one. Maynor answers with a baseline jumper over Collison. VCU applies the pressure defense and UCLA makes a bad pass and turns the ball over. Loose ball after a Sanders miss and UCLA touches it last before it heads out of bounds. Maynor drives the lane and gets fouled by Collison. Wouldn't mind seeing him get into foul trouble. UCLA hits a jumper and get the lead back. 3-2 UCLA. 16:21 left in the first and Larry is at the line for VCU. He hits both and TJ checks in for Sanders. Nxon is also in the lineup now. Holiday gets a running jumper in the paint. Joey turns the ball over and Jrue Holiday gets an easy dunk to push their lead 7-4. Nixon finds TJ under the basket and he hits the lay in. But Collison makes a three on the other end . Eric finds TJ who drives in and hits a little floater of his own. UCLA leads 10-8 14:22 to play in the first. Joey turns the ball over again. That isn't good. He has to get his head back into the game. Nixon hurries back to try to get the charge but is called for the foul. 12-8 UCLA. 13:54 left in the first. Timeout. UCLA shoots a free throw when they come back.

Welcome Home Everybody! Even if it is from Philly. We will try to keep you update as best as possible.
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