Liveblog - Season Tip-off: VCU vs. Bethune Cookman

I'm just gonna say thats the game at this point. Both teams hit a lull there at the end. Freshman look good though. Theus is quick and has good eyesight. Grayson is lightening fast and those two will compliment each other well. Daniels is confident and I think he is gonna step into a good shooting role as his time here develops. Sloppy first game, but we got the W and sent BC packing. VCU wins 77-51 and the season begins! Friday the 13th ain't got nothing on us!! Good game everybody and we will see you soon. Till next time, VCU GO RAMS GO!!

They announce Eric Maynor's stat's and the crowd breaks into an "Er-ic Ma-ynor" chant. that is about the only exciting thing going on right now. 6,741 in attendance tonight. Timeout on the floor 76-46 VCU. 1:31 to play in the game.

Brad comes in and hits the double digit mark with a three pointer. Grayson penetrates the lane and is able to dish out to an open Bradford. Timeout. 3:03 to play. 74-44 VCU.

Here is a lineup for you guys: KP, Theus, Nixon, Grayson, Daniels. Let's see what the guys can do. Daniels seems to be all over the place I type he pops in a three pointer. Good job kid!!

Troy Daniels gets a good feed pass from TJ and has a behind the back layup for his first collegiate points. Looked good too! Daniels not afraid to shoot the ball. I like that confidence. He barely misses a three. A lot of scruffy basketball and VCU finally drives the ball down behind TJ and he gets the and-1. Timeout. VCU leads 68-40. 6:36 to play. VCU leads rebound 26-25. That should really be more. Although we have held BC to only 4 assist this entire game.

Issiah Grayson comes in for his first minutes of the season. Sanders records his fourth foul and is likely out for some time, if not the rest with this lead. That is too bad. Silly freshman mistakes. Although, that last call was questionable. More frustration to continue...

Out of the time-out jay Gavin pulls up long range and produces. BC is now in the bonus as KP fouls on a silly play. Bradford has some stout D and gets BC to turn the ball over on a travel. Theus puts his second great crossover down and gets the basket to fall this time. Joey then immediately comes up with a steal and lays it in for his team high 17th point. Troy Daniels checks in for his first minutes of the game. 64- 34 VCU leads. 8:58 to play.

Maynor update: 13 points and 10 assist!! He got a double-double, the Jazz beat up on 76ers, and it's his first start. Good work EM3 !

Not much to report. A lot of back and forth. VCU has stalled and in all honesty... just looks a little sloppy. Gavin hits 1 of 2 from the line. Finally...... on a fast break Gavin finds Joey for a lay in to end the drought. BC calls a time. 57-30 VCU. 12:02 to play.

Theus and KP check in. Larry gets his third personal. he is jumping at everything that comes into the paint. Not quite as reserved and disciplined as i was expecting. KP checks out. might have gotten hit in the side of the face. ref walks him to the sideline. Looks like he is fine but just shook. Sanders checks out and we are five guards deep on the floor. TJ is our big man. 15:13 to play. 52-30 VCU leads.

Timeout here. Maynor update: 11 pts and 8 assists. 2 assists shy of that double-double.

BC Coach Clifford Reed gets a technical for arguing a call he won... wow and then behidn the coaches back he pulled a cheerleaders pom-pom down. Class act there man. Seriously? The crowd saw though and are letting him have it.

Larry may or may not get credit for a block, personally I think the guy just flubbed the dunk. It excited the crowd either way. Joey kicks the ball back out to gavin on the other side who misses a three, but Sanders is there for the tip in. Time-out. 50-25 VCU. 16:57 to play.

BC gets called for a technical after Starling hangs on the rim after a missed dunk. Thought they might say someone was under him, but nope, they hit him with the T and Joey hits two free throws. They are burning us on the press though. They are driving fast at Larry and trying to get him in foul trouble.

Maynor is sitting at 9 points and 8 assists. And the Jazz are killing Philly..hmm, go figure?

Gavin starts the half by pulling up for a turn-around three. Wachovia is getting held accountable tonight.

Let me just tell you this... Rozzell just put VCU back in the right mindset and got the crowd up and hanging from the ceiling! Bradford steals the ball right before half, dishes to Rozzell, who no-looks back to Larry who gets another dunk. Now that is how you play ball!!! Rozzell spent some time looking at Maynor videos on youtube this summer! Holy smokes!!! OK it's halftime and their are dancers on the court. VCU leads 41-21.

Rozzell just threw up a wicked, and I mean WICKED, teardrop for Larry to slam. BC turns the ball over and Rozzell gets a great know look pass into Tj who is fouled. Rozzell just came out looking like A.Iverson there for a second, I mean darn! Those were clean looking passes.

Gavin shows what all the talk about was coming from Marist. He gets an assist from Theus and hits a three. Man, three pointers and free throw shots might be our only points tonight. Aside from that one dunk. Odd. I'm also sure I'm wrong about that stat, ha. I can't comment on why Larry is standing at the three point line while Gavin and Theus are under the basket fighting for the boards. Interesting tactic? or are people severly out of place?

Bradford is a working man. Got him on the fantasy squad, booyah! Burgess with a defensive board and sets up J-rod for another three. BC misses there shot, and guess who gets the board? Bradford. Joey throws an errant pass, I guess for an alley-oop, to Sanders. Another turnover for VCU.

Just got an update here on press row: Eric Maynor has 2pts and 3 assists in 12 minutes of play at the half. Jazz lead 64-50.

I tell you what man.. Tj is no slouch on defense. I love that guy. Wow. BC is either committing every foul under the sun, or we might be getting some calls going our way. KP is at the line for two. First is golden. And the second, well you can cash that check too. Bradford gets a big steal and Joey slows the pace .. scratch that, Bradford gets called for an illegal pick. 3:58 to play. VCU leads 30-19.

Rozzell hits a three after some good ball movement and the defensive manages to work BC into a shot-clock violation. Bradford is working hard right now under the basket. Getting shoved and pushed, but holding his own. BC takes a time-out after Bradford hits two free throws. VCU leads 28-19 with 5:27 left in the half. Need to go on a tear here into half.
<img src="" alt="IMG_1762" title="IMG_1762" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2478" />

Sanders breaks a 10-0 run by BC with a free throww on the front end of a one-and-one. he gets both to fall. Thank you Larry. Rozzell checks in for Gavin and grabs a steal, gets fouled in the process and casual gets up to the line for his first points of the night. He gets both to fall. Needed those points so we could set up the press. Let's grab a turnover here and we are ok. Bradford grabs a defensive board and continues his solid play from last season. Sanders is fouled as he shuffles his way towards the basket. TJ checks in for Nixon and Larry stays 100% at the line, hitting both.

Gavin hits air on his shot. Another turnover. BC might just be out playing us right now. We have one of the best big men in the country and we are taking outside shots. I mean I understand you gotta open up the inside, but you gotta get the ball in there too. BC hits a three and we have a tied ball game..... a TIED BALLGAME?!?!

Albert Abrahams checks in for BC. The kid is 6'9" and weighs in at 320 pounds. I guess this is the guy who is supposed to battle Sanders. We got start looking better here. getting sloppy and turning the ball over won't win the game.

Two turnovers by VCU and they have let up a quick and easy 6 points. Not looking good right now. Running Theus and Joey at the guard spot. And BC hits a three. That is 9 straight to BC. Coach calls a timeout. Get them straight Shaka. 17-14 VCU. 11:19 to play.
<img src="" alt="IMG_1689" title="IMG_1689" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2473" />

Nixon passes off in the paint to Sanders on a 2 on 1 and Sanders grabs his first dunk to mass applause. Time-out. 13:14 to play. VCU leads 16-7.
<img src="" alt="IMG_1729" title="IMG_1729" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2470" />

Darius Theus spells J-rod for his first minutes as a VCU Ram. Go Get em!

Nixon and Rozzell check in for TJ and Gavin. Brad passes to Nixon on the wing and he hits a big baseline three. Brad almost comes up with a steal off this high pressure system. I hope Wachovia brought their money with them, 'cause they are gonna be pumping out some shirts this year, wow! Timeout as Rozzell touches the baseline.

Wow... Coach wasn't kidding man. This is gonna be a fast paced season!!! Joey gets another steal and another big three!!! Sanders takes a seat as he is getting jumpy in the defensive paint. KP sees his first action of the season. 11-1 VCU. 16:50 to play in the first.

VCU wins the tip, but turns the ball over on what could only be called a pass interference by BC. Sharpen up refs!! Sanders does get defensive board #1 though. J-rod gets fouled bringing the ball up court. Joey starts the season by giving his fans here at the Stu a Wachovia t-shirt!! he then grabs a quick steal and Bradford sets up for a three and nails that too!! 6-0 VCU. 18:25 to play. Sanders fouls Elliot on his shot... bad foul unnecessary foul. I think everyone just got excited... calm it down on that side Larry.

Lights just went out and the place erupted... New video on the screen. The crowd gets loud again. Starters look like this:
Sanders, TJ, J-rod, Gavin, and Bradford. Oh man, it feels good to be back!!
P.S. new dancers too.. I'm just saying ...

Great turn out by students with 3:30 abouts to play. I'm impressed. Not to mention this children's choir just sand the National Anthem, beautiful! You're VCU Running Rams have taken the court!! Now all we need are intro's and a jump ball, let's go!!!!

<img src="" alt="IMG_1665" title="IMG_1665" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2461" />

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-2229" title="68c2c141d38f0fb8ff5c0d676edbb70b138675ef" src="" alt="68c2c141d38f0fb8ff5c0d676edbb70b138675ef" width="347" height="260" />Here we are Rams and Ewe's, the season is officially starting!! We are gonna get you some live updates of the game right here in this post! Just like last season we are going to bring you some pictures during the game, live! However, this year we plan on introducing some short video clips as well.. how hot is that?!? So, be patient with our new features, well get those kinks hammered down for you!

Welcome back everybody, we are very excited to see you!!

34:14 until tip!
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