Play on Players, Rams get at-large bid to NCAA tournament

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Rodney" width="400" height="450" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-5254" /></a>As much as Dick Vitale and the rest of ESPN hates it...VCU is going to the NCAA Tournament!

As bubble team after bubble team flashed across the screen, it seemed as if VCU's tournament hopes were all but lost. But as the wise and sage-like Jerry Palm predicted, the Rams are going dancing.

VCU lost a memorable CAA tournament final to rival Old Dominion, but the gods of basketball have once again smiled on the Black-and-Gold, sending them to Dayton, Ohio this wednesday for a first round matchup with USC, another bubble team smiling tonight, for a chance to play Georgetown in the 11 v. 6 matchup.

Among bubble teams the Rams beat out for the bid included perennial snub Virginia Tech, and an Alabama team coached by former Rams coach Anthony Grant.

This game will be Shaka Smart's first NCAA tournament appearance as a head coach, and VCU's second in three years.

Tune in to ESPN for the two days leading into the matchup to hear the "worldwide leader" complain about VCU's inclusion into the NCAA tournament. It's sure to be the most entertaining programing they've had since Craig Kilborn left SportsCenter.
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