I had to furrow my brow a bit when VCU came out of the locker room for its public shootaround yesterday. Normally the Rams charge onto the floor with its trademark spirit and ebullience, but this was different. It was more of a mosey.
It was atypical and a bit concerning, to be honest, but once the whistle blew and called the meeting to order, somebody turned on the wattage. It was a bouncy, loose, fun shootaround. I had someone from another university comment to me that "my God you guys are loose" and he wondered if we were always this loose.
Yes, we are. And our coach participates:
<a class="asset-img-link" href="http://www.vcuramnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/1c7b3-6a0120a7647f04970b01a73d9630a4970d-pi.jpg" style="display:inline;"><img alt="IMG_0519" border="0" class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a0120a7647f04970b01a73d9630a4970d image-full img-responsive" src="http://www.vcuramnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/1c7b3-6a0120a7647f04970b01a73d9630a4970d-pi.jpg" title="IMG_0519" /></a>
The practice ended, somewhat perfectly, with Juvonte Reddic giving Torrey Burston a bit of help in his leap to dunk the ball.
Yeah, I&quot;d say the team is loose.
Last night the team went to dinner but was back early to watch more basketball and take it easy. (Side note: how much fun was that?) Our hotel had a faux fire alarm while they were out that stirred up the place, but it turned out to be nothing. All in all, it was a pretty standard pregame evening. That&#039;s exactly as we want it.
But that was yesterday.
Today, it&#039;s a different kind of meeting, and Shaka Smart will be in suit and tie, although he won&#039;t be wearing his jacket for very long. The guys will sleep in and then begin the gameday routine they&#039;ve gone through 34 times already this year.
They will approach the SFA game with great seriousness but simply go play basketball, which is more fun for them than anything else.