Perhaps it was the medicine, the soaring internal temperature, or the deathlike grip of the flu. It was probably a combination of the three. But as the thermometer resembled the right hand side of the FM dial on Saturday afternoon, I started seeing things. Things of black. Things of gold. Things of beauty. Things of joy.
Things of havoc.
It was a basketball game I saw, which isn't weird. Virginia Tech was the Rams' opponent, which is kind of weird. This is where it got hazy. It was a home game, but oddly it was not at That Animal. Some big guy who used to play for VCU was sitting next to Robby. Melvin Johnson kept making threes. He couldn't miss. I lost count at six but I bet there were more.
The Hokies started the game pretty well but havoc started doing those havocy things that gets us out of our seats. Layups. Steals. Dunks. Threes. Juvonte Reddic on the floor scrapping for loose balls. Hokies passes to fans. More threes, including Doug Brooks. Virginia Tech looked like they wanted no part of the basketball game playing in my mind. I swear a Hokies bench player or two walked out of the venue.
I caught myself seeing a run that was more devastating than the 22-0 and 32-4 onslaught over George Mason a few years ago. I counted 31 straight points and a 37-2 run.
Man, was I ever sick. No way that happened.