VCU Basketball Documentary, "Aftershak", Hits the Big Screen

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VCU basketball fans will have a chance to relive Will Wade's first season as the Ram's Head Coach this Friday, May 13th as a documentary, "Aftershak", will be shown as part of the VCU Film Senior Show.

“I knew when Shaka left, there was a film in the making," said Director and graduating senior Teddy Leinbach via press release.

"The people of Richmond would either be left crying for his return or completely moving past the Shaka­-era."

With production on the 27-minute film beginning in September of 2015, Leibach collected behind-the-scenes footage from games, as well as interviews with Coach Wade, players, and local fans.

Leinbach says that the team was hit with a feeling of abandonment after Shaka Smart departed to become the new head coach at the University of Texas.

“Players looked up to him, even going so far as to call him a father figure. Will Wade took over the job, understanding the brotherhood within the team and knowing the importance of gaining trust with the players and the VCU community,” Leinbach elaborated.

The VCU Film Senior Show will be hosted at 2pm Friday, May 13th at the Byrd Theatre in Carytown. "Aftershak" will be the last of 10 films shown and tickets are free.
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