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<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Grads" width="359" height="275" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-5602" /></a>Four years pass in a college basketball player's career, and if you're lucky, the only highlights you'll see are the great plays -- the dunks, the threes, the celebrations.

At Ram Nation, we decided to make a highlight of the ultimate play...graduation.

We often forget these young men are student athletes. In addition to the constant practicing, travel, and 40 minutes of sweat on the court, these STUDENT athletes have a full load of coursework -- not to mention the normal issues we all deal with like friends, family and "relationships".

This particular class will go down as the most celebrated in VCU history.

Jamie Skeen, Joey Rodriguez, Ed Nixon, and Brandon Rozzell shocked the college basketball world and made fans out of former nonbelievers in going from the first ever "First 4" to the Final 4.

They proved the doubters wrong and rewarded the VCU faithful with a beautiful style of basketball that knocked off five straight power conference opponents and made celebrities out of the boys from Broad St.

And in typical fashion, they smiled and "cooked" all the way to Houston, Texas with a swagger that basketball fans won't soon forget.

With Jamie Skeen in Chicago for this year's NBA Draft Combine, Joey Rodriguez, Ed Nixon, and Brandon Rozzell took control of the Ram Nation cameras for the first time in four years, allowing VCU fans a players perspective of the hardest victory they ever earned.

Four years of hardwork in the books, we congratulate them on all their accomplishments and wish them well in the future.

Class of 2011, you will be missed, but Ram fans will never forget you.

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