Video: Introducing Duane Coston - the new Peppas director

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There were many changes this off season. Most of the changes took place on the court but there is a big change off the court that left Ram fans with more questions than answers.

This summer, after 18 years, Ryan Kopacsi stepped down as The Peppas band director. Without a doubt, this took many fans by surprise and, justifiably, had many hoping it wasn't true.

After searching for a replacement, VCU Athletics found their guy.

Duane Coston actually spent last year as Ryan's assistant, so they didn't have to look far.

Despite being with the band for a full year, to most Ram fans, Coston is kind of a mystery.

In his first interview after taking the reigns, the VCU alumni tells us more about him and what changes, if any, can we anticipate from the band this year.

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