Video: The Rozzells & this year's TBT roster

Joined by the Rozzells and VCU fans, Anne and & Steve, we discuss this summer's TBT Ram Nation roster. If you thought last year's team was an all star line up of VCU legends, this year's team is the next step up.

Brandon and his father, Michael, give us their starting 5 line up of a roster that also mixes in some other former Atlantic 10/CAA players that are going to give team Ram Nation some height.

Check out the video and leave us your starting 5 in the comments.

This year the TBT has adjusted their rules. Teams must pay $1,000 per player beyond the first nine free roster spots. We created a GoFundMe campaign to help us get our expanded roster of 12 players into this year's TBT field, then to help pay for travel expenses through the first two rounds (which are 100% on teams to cover). Last year injuries and lack of depth inside ultimately ended our run. We don't plan on making the same mistake again. Please <a href="" target="_blank">click here</a> to learn how you can easily donate to team Ram Nation.

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Michael Hagan is a '04 VCU Graduate (Mass Comm) and a lifelong Richmonder. He also is a full time commercial & video producer.
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