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  1. 4dexters
    Malachi Poindexter will attend VCU Elite Camp tomorrow
  2. Mike Meehan
    Mike Meehan IbleedVCU

    If I am not mistaken RPI(now VCU) played ODU in Norfolk under Coach Benny Dees during the firts half of the 1967-68 season. As I recall, I we ineligible at the time( having transferred into RPI) but still accompanied the team to Norfolk. If you know of anyone who might have a picture of the 67-68 team, I would like a copy
    Mike Meehan
    [email protected]
  3. WestEndEd
    VCU is a destination job.
  4. VCU_RVA
    Been reading the forums for years, finally decide I want to start posting.
  5. Ram Jam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Sectorbob
    Watching and waiting.
  7. Ululating Daddy
    Ululating Daddy
    Time for an avatar. Thank you, Mr. Lewis, for your heart and your devotion to Ram Nation!
  8. duncanlamb
    Saving People...Hunting Things...The Family Business...
  9. Michele Holstein
    Michele Holstein
  10. 87Ram
    87Ram Ramaste
    Can I buy two of them please? Tx Ron 804-721-5611
  11. LG.RAMIT
    The only Ramit
  12. rambleon
    rambleon VCUFTW
    Is the vcu/fur ticket still available? Thanks!
  13. Sometimes
    Sometimes BaNgMyPrOgRaM
    What is your address? I have a thing I'd like to send you. Also, how big is your dying TV?
  14. 2x210us
    2x210us MattRock
    Matt, everytime I try logging into the insider I get a random page that shows my email and a password with a WP in a circle but cannot get any further. I'm sorry if this is a cryptic description but not sure what you need to help me. This has been going on for some time but just getting time to request help. Thanks
  15. Matthew Hurley
    Matthew Hurley Fred D
    I'll take the tickets for $40. I have to buy 6, so I'm limited. Go Rams!
    1. Matthew Hurley
      Matthew Hurley
      Text me at 434-294-0241
      Jan 10, 2017