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    The Official Off Season Thread

    Naw...I appreciated it.
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    The Official Off Season Thread

    Thank you for that response. I thought there must be more.
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    Recruiting Transfer Market

    Nearly 3 blocks per game and a 79.5 % fg percentage...started every Quinnipiac. VCU and the A10 would be a step up. I could envision another large guy at the end of the bench if it turned out he couldn't play, or couldn't play our style. It looks like WVU is the biggest name pursuing...
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    The Official Off Season Thread

    Opinion? I guess. And you're entitled to it. I thought there were a few things here that any decent human being could agree with. Sexual assault = Wrong Mistreatment of lesbian players = Wrong Exposing people to COVID = Wrong No?
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    Recruiting Transfer Market

    Kellan Grady has now hit the portal. I guess he doesn't want to see any more of Ace.
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    Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers

    T That makes three of us in the neighborhood. Oh, and Wawa > Sheetz. I've often wished the Sheetz at Zion Crossroads was a Wawa.
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    Recruiting Transfer Market

    So Tre Mitchell from UMass is now in the transfer portal. He's likely going to seek brighter lights, but we have to at least check him out, don't we?
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    League A10 Season Awards

    I used to work with a guy who played for William and Mary when Charlie Woollum was the coach. He said that Sonny couldn't coach a fish to swim. I tend to agree, but without looking it up, I think we probably had a winning record against the Tribe during those years.
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    Nick Kern has committed to VCU

    Yeah, he made that look eeeaaasy.
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    The 2020-21 Men's Basketball Tournament

    Y Yeah, I'd like to hammer 'em. It's overdue.
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    Coaching and turnovers

    Th There's also a very handy Ignore button.
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    Players Welcome to VCU, Jamir Watkins!!!!!

    I'd like see Jamir jump to 15 ppg with Bones staying. I don't see why that would be impossible.
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    The Official Beat the Bills of Saint Louis in the Animal Thread

    H Heck yeah. Who didn't have a Lovey poster up on their dorm room wall?
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    Coaching and turnovers

    Thank you for being constructive. I think we'd do well to remember what the expectations were for this team before the season. We started looking good and winning, and suddenly expectations got elevated. Now we drop one to GMU and the sky is falling. Mike said before the season - to no...
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    Ace Baldwin is a major upgrade

    No doubt. It's really not fair to make these comparisons. Can't help being a fan and getting excited about possibilities, though.