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    Mike Rhoades - new head VCU Basketball coach - "ALL RHOADES LEAD HOME"

    We may not realize it yet, but we got an upgrade in the coaching department.
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    Official new Coach (Welcome Coach Rhoades!!) thread>>>>

    Eventually I hope we find a coach that values VCU as more than a stepping stone to a bigger conference. Currently I would look at Mike Rhodes and King Rice. Also we need to be proactive in positioning ourselves to move to a better conference if we have the opportunity.
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    Disgusted. He kept saying he wanted players that wanted to be at VCU. We need a coach that respects VCU. His selfishness could set us back years. I don't care he leaves but he needed to stabilize us first.
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    Shaka Watch

    Never trust what comes out of a coach's mouth.
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    Shaka Watch

    Win any way!