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  • Ok Steve - your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to grab the IG pic that Mo posted with his twig like arms & body and post it along with the "modern day", sculpted Mo. If I had a clue as to how to do it, I would!
    Call me at 804-363-1542. My company is looking for someone to finish a company promotional video we are working on. I'm not sure if you do that kind of work or not. If not a recommendation would be cool too.
    LOL....the guy that fell out from the 3rd floor of Johnson was a friend of my sister who also went to VCU!
    Dude, did you happen to live above the multipurpose room in Rhoads in 79-80'? I knew a Rhoads security guard/student who lived there....I lived there also.

    Do you remember the W&M student who fell down the elevator shaft from the 17th floor? The security guard I knew was the guy working that night in Rhoads.
    I did not work security until '81. I heard about that incident though. I had my share weird stories like a drunk kid walking into Johnson Hall without his ID. He fell out of his window on the 3rd floor and was perfectly fine. Nothing as horrible as the elevator shaft death though.
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