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    The Official Beat the Oregon Ducks in the West Region in Indy Thread.

    The Bonnie’s also had a Covid pause during the season. Not sure how many tested positive then and have immunity now.
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    Schedule Roll Call A10 Championship Game

    We seriously considered going but decided against it since we’ve only received the first shot. I feel pretty safe having had Covid and the first shot but hubby did not have Covid (no symptoms anyway) so we figured we’d be foolish to take a chance now, after being so disciplined for the past...
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    The Official Beat Fur In the Richmond Area Honda Dealers Capital City Classic Thread

    Please, please blow out the Spiders! My nerves can’t take another close game!
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    The Official Beat the Bunnies of SBU in the Animal Thread

    Some of us are technologically impaired.
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    Rock, scissors, paper?
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    Reseating Thread

    I don’t expect any refund if there’s no season but we decided to donate as usual to support the program. We are not top donors but in a level that apparently worked out for us in not incurring additional cost. I completely understand, especially with all the economic turmoil and uncertainty...
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    Reseating Thread

    We are donating the same overall and still in the same donor level. We have 4 seats and the minimum in our donor level was reduced by $1000 which makes up for the $250 per seat cost.
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    Tournament affected by the corona virus?

    For the first time in 4 years, we are not going to the tournament but has nothing to do with the virus. VCU canceled the bus which we found so convenient last year. We then checked Amtrak and flights but cost and/or schedule didn’t work. We hate driving in N.Y. so that was really not an option...
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    the Official Beat the College of Charleston Cougars Thread

    So my husband stood to cheer Issac’s basket and the C of C fan behind told him to sit down. Seriously???
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    Season Tickets

    I hear you on the aisle seats. That’s one of my priorities since we sometimes have one or 2 grandchildren with us and they eat snacks like they’ve never seen food before which requires a few trips to the concessions. We’ve had mid row seats in the past and didn’t like them at all. Hoping we can...
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    Season Tickets

    We’ve done it twice and both times got significantly better seats, most recently last year. The first time we never even requested new seats but the box office called and asked if we were interested. Last year we made a note on the renewal.
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    It was so great to be in New York last weekend and bummed that we cannot be in South Carolina this weekend due to a previous family commitment. Thank you to all the fans making the trip. Safe travels to all and please yell extra loud for those of us watching from home.