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    Reseating Thread

    We have 4 season tickets and a parking pass. We are giving ours up as well. I hate to do it because I love supporting VCU and this team. Over the many years we have had to pay more and more for worse seats. Seems like there are always tickets available through GA and resale so that's what we...
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    2 tickets 1/2/19

    Still available! Make me an offer!
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    2 tickets 1/2/19

    We have 2 available at face value with parking pass included.
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    4 tickets and parking pass for Sunday

    We have 4 tickets. I would like to get face value for the tickets but make me an offer! If you take all 4 I will throw in the parking pass
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    The Official Beat the Missouri State University Bears Thread

    Just out of curiosity, how did the teddy bear toss go during the game? My son was sick so we didn't make it to participate. I used to teach the kids who live full time at VCU Children's Hopsital so I know they will love the stuffed animals!
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    Ticket sales down?

    I think we are re-seating again after this season. I was worried about donation requirements going up again but maybe not if they aren't selling out current season tickets.
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    Game Tickets Available

    Update on games available: ODU, 12/7 Missouri State, 12/15 Loyola MD, 12/29 St Bonaventure, 1/18
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    The Official Beat the Red Flash of Saint Francis of Pennsylvania Thread

    My apologies to the people in Section 31! I was an in-game aisle walker for the first time in many years of season ticket holding. We brought our newest family ram fan to the game and let's just say he needed a break ?? Glad to get a win. Adjusting to all these new team faces is going to take...
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    Game Tickets Available

    These tickets come with Commonwealth Room access.
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    Game Tickets Available

    We have 2 tickets (Section 31) available for the following games. We are asking face value of $26/ticket. Tuesday, 11/5 vs St Francis (PA) Sunday, 11/17 vs Jacksonville State Monday, 11/25 vs Alabama State Sunday, 12/15 vs Missouri State Sunday, 12/29 vs Loyola MD Thursday, 1/2 vs Fordham...
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    Planning Brooklyn!: 2019 A-10 Tournament Edition

    We are staying at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge. Anyone stay there before? Looks fairly convenient.
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    Planning Brooklyn!: 2019 A-10 Tournament Edition

    We were just going to buy tickets day of at the box office. That shouldn't be a problem right?
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    Planning Brooklyn!: 2019 A-10 Tournament Edition

    We are FINALLY making it to Brooklyn for the tournament. If I forget to mail your Stu shirts in advance, I will bring them!
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    The Beat the GW Colonials in the Animal Thread

    Great game!! Especially the second half. The baby race is by far my favorite half time event of the season but I also loved the pee wee basketball game during the half. I will also be praying for Jacob and his family. It seems so unfair for someone so small to have to fight so hard. I hope...