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    A10/MWC Hoops Challenge

    Right, but earlier in the year it was reported that the MWC would be looking at a 20-game schedule as early as 2022-23. That doesn't mean they're committed to it, but if they decide that's when they want to do it, and everyone loses two OOC games, AND because the challenge has already been...
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    A10/MWC Hoops Challenge

    If the MWC goes through with a reported move to a 20-game schedule in 2022-23, that might mean the challenge never happens. There's a decent chance that the challenge would have been dropped upon a move to 20 games, and now that they're postponing it a year, they may just cut bait and go to 20...
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    Schedule 2021 OOC Schedule

    I feel pretty confident the real Atlantis isn't where this year's tournament might be held:
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    Leonard Alley was a low-key legendary Richmond sports figure, at least behind the scenes. He was the Richmond Braves' official scorer forever and an inescapable part of the Diamond press-box scene. I think he did stats for VCU and UR basketball. Pretty sure I saw him at a R-MC—H-SC football...
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    Had the great fortune of working alongside the T Man early in my newspaper career: first at the CT talking shop during the pregame in the bowels of the RC, then when I started my full-time career at the Progress-Index covering Petersburg football and basketball and the BIB at Shepherd Stadium...
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    This is unlikely to happen and getting more unlikelier by the hour, but what if the NCAA holds its ground and insists that fall sports championships will proceed as scheduled? Does that force the conferences and schools that have already decided not to play fall sports in the fall to reverse...
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    The Ivy League has cancelled fall sports and won't entertain playing any sport before Jan. 1. So if VCU was looking at an OOC against an Ivy, that's likely out the window.
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    Recruiting 2020 Offers

    Was VCU ever in on this kid when he was at Millwood HS in Winchester?
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    If it looks like that a viable vaccine that's effective for most people and won't cost five figures is multiple years away, my guess is the colleges will come up with a more long-term or even permanent plan to bubble athletes and other students, rather than ad-hocing one like they've been forced...
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    That's going to be tougher to defend if the player loses a season of eligibility for something completely out of his control (even more so than a torn ACL, which usually rates an extra year even if they've burned their redshirt). The players are willing to play, the can't, and they lose a season...
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    Recruiting Josh Beadle deciding on Sunday

    Wait, you've been keeping track of days?
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    Dominion Energy-led new Coliseum

    Is there even a remote possibility that at some point they would do something with the Coliseum itself, or is it basically just a brown shell at this point?
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    Where should pundits put VCU at this point in the offseason? Not where you think they will be or should be but what outsiders, people with no skin in the game, should do with a VCU team that lost what it lost from a disappointing season? Even if you think that all of last year's problems left...
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    VCU and the CAA

    No former CAA Virginia schools are interested in coming back. If the CAA that we remembered from the 90s and 2000s had any chance of being viable or better in 2020, it would have required a lot of dominoes falling in different directions, starting with Richmond not getting/not accepting an A-10...
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    2020 A-10/MWC Challenge

    The problem with that is that with all the major and upper-mid conferences pivoting to 20 games, it's those games that are less likely to happen going forward. You might be losing Wichita State and Georgia Tech instead of Merrimack and Longwood.