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    Bracketology Thread "VCU, on the other hand, is squarely on the bubble and is likely to stay there the rest of the season. The BPI favorite is a remarkable 18-1 in VCU games this...
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    The Official beat the Shockers of Wichita State University Thread

    Big opportunity for a signature road win in a very hostile environment. I’ve got this feeling in my Bones that the good guys are going to grind out the win—or it could be the onset of arthritis. Either way, GO RAMS!!
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    They are thrashing VA Tech right now. Toppin is a physical specimen. He knocked down 3 consecutive 3’s in the first half to open the lead up for Dayton.
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    Good game so far. Terrible shooting to start the game. It’s like shooting hoops in a shadow box.
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    Emerald Coast Classic

    Yeah, I’ve heard it’s off the hook! 😏
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    2021 4* top 60 center Roosevelt Wheeler officially visited vcu this past weekend!! Wheeler on an unofficial visit to UNC for their BBall kick off/dog and pony show. Georgetown and Wake Forest offers are also nothing to snub our noses at. I, for one, would be abso-freaking-lutely...
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    2021 4* top 60 center Roosevelt Wheeler officially visited vcu this past weekend!!

    After one year with Roose, I am highly confident that MBJ and Jamir will be absolutely terrifying bruisers. heck, they are already coming in 'grown @ss man sized.'
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    The Official Beat the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks Thread

    Man! They are really getting after it on the defensive side of the ball!!! I’m getting tired just watching.
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    The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

    Every pre-game interview I saw with Wade ( there was at least 2 where he was specifically asked about our game) he mentioned that he was at VCU longer than any other position he has held. He was almost expressing nostalgia--or maybe that is just his machine like way of actually expressing...
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    VCU Media Mentions Marcus Santos-Silva can't stay underrated much longer The big news coming out of the game between VCU and LSU on Wednesday was commonly held to be that Will Wade...
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    Countdown to the Black & Gold Game

    So many positives to take away form that game! So jacked up and excited for the season! The freshmen looked insanely composed—Bones stood out to me the most, but they all looked fantastic. Saw Johnny Williams and he was gracious enough to let me get some pics with my daughters. I thought my...
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    Recruiting 3* PF Mikeal Brown-Jones and 4* PF Jamir Watkins Both Commit to VCU 9/13/19!!!

    Holy Guacamole, Batman! After Jamir’s commitment this morning, I was completely jacked with excitement. I’m about to jump out of my skin now!!! Welcome, Mikeal!!!!
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    Recruiting 2020 Offers

    But he is ranked...3 star 24/7 composite ranking; 4 star 24/7 (non-composite), 4 star Rival ranking and 3 star ESPN ranking. I could really care less about ranking, though, because his offer list tells me all I need to know about his basketball ability.
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    News News About RAMS In The Pros

    5:45 is a must watch sequence—the d-back’s reaction is priceless, lol! He makes another cameo around 10:13 for about a minute or so, but doesn’t say anything.