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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    This all day!
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    If we play this year, I will go into this season with no expectations. One thing that last season did for me is dull the sting of losing. To be honest, I expect a similar win total loss total. We are too young and inexperienced to expect us to make noise. Vince and Corey are the only two players...
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    Recruiting Josh Beadle deciding on Sunday

    All signs are pointing to Clemson. It would be nice to get a good recruit, though.
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    The Class of far.......

    It's a local paper asking him about a local college what else could he say? It's just like when fans asked Hamdy was he staying, and he said yeah. What else was he supposed to say at that moment? I'm done getting hyped at words. It's too many variables behind the scenes in College BB to invest...
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    The Class of far.......

    No doubt, I think we will get better as the season goes on. The most significant question mark of this team is how we will be shooting the ball. The only proven shooter we have is Bones. Outside of maybe Vince, no one else has taken many shots. Man, I wish DJ had one more year. We could really...
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    The Class of far.......

    Honestly, I don't know what to expect next year. Can't even get upset with predictions like this after the way last season went.
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    Rhoades - Year 4

    The crazy thing about all this noise is if MR has an awesome season next year and a P5 school lures him away, many of you will feel butt hurt. I couldn't blame him looking at how some people are ready to fire him after last season.
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    Top 5 VCU hoops transfer players of all time (in and out)

    In recent memory best transfers in, I have Jamie Skeen, Korey Billbury, Marcus Evans, and Isaac Van. Transfers out I have Terry Larrier, Jarius Lyles, Samir Doughty, and MSS Here are the rules. For the player to count, he had to at least play one full season at VCU and 1 Full season at...
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    The Class of far.......

    It would be amazing if this team can make the Tourney, but the team is way too young at PG to expect it. I think the coaches did a good job recruiting. We got destroyed on the boards with rebounding the last few years, glad to see the coaches address the lack of size down low.
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva announces departure from VCU

    Wow. Thank you MSS. God Speed, young man.
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    VCU will win the A10 tournament

    Man, that's tough. Thank you, seniors.
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    VCU will win the A10 tournament

    You guys and girls are too funny. Its real though lol.
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    VCU will win the A10 tournament

    Where would this team underdog story rank in VCU legend if this was to happen?
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    The Official Beat The The University of Massachusetts Minutemen Thread

    We need at least one more shooter next year.