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    Recruiting Transfer Market

    But, it’s not. Most of the time, the end result is the same. But players can choose to stay and not get a lot of playing time in one option and they can’t stay with the other option.
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    Recruiting Qudus Wahab: closed

    Is duncanlamb ok?
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    Players Rhoades Scholars: 2018's Marcus, Corey, P.J., Keshawn, Vincent, & Tyler

    Even though I hope that all of our players and former players move on to be great in everything that they do when they leave VCU, them being great or not great in the nba has no impact on how great they were when they were here. NBA success has literally zero impact on their VCU career.
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    Players Again!

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    Coach Ballard to FIU

    It says "Junior guard Jonathan Williams said he received a phone call from Wade before the announcement, but other players learned online." And then later it says they met as a team before he left for Baton Rouge....not before it was announced that he was leaving. I guess I'm not sure what you...
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    Coach Ballard to FIU

    Does that guy think Theus was rumored to take Ballard's position?! Nobody ever said was that he was to replace Joey and as far as I know....that's still on the table.
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    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    I knew that was gonna get posted in here, haha
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    Why did I show ignored content? Regret it everytime
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    The New Revised Official Beat rhode island Thread

    I really like what I saw from this team the past few games. I actually hope we do play in a tournament, I want to see JT play again in a VCU uniform.
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    The Official Beat the FU Rams in NYC Thread

    I know 40 might be a bit too much to ask but I'd love to see us play well for at least 36 or 37 minutes.
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    The Official Beat the GooMoos in The Animal Thread

    They do come in handy when coaches get angry....better than a chair
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    The Official Beat the GooMoos in The Animal Thread

    I actually don't think I see many college coaches using a white board anymore....I'm trying to think of the last time I saw one used.
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    The Official Beat the GooMoos in The Animal Thread

    Man, I really hope we play a great game for our seniors tonight!
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    The Official Beat The Fayers in The Animal Thread

    I’m not clicking the “Show Ignored Content” button. I’m not doing it. Though, it’s clearly the celticguy with his never ending horrible take.