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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva announces departure from VCU

    Well, if that is the case, he needs to grow a couple more inches. He played at VCU around the basket. But he is too short to play that position in the NBA (or most professional leagues). My guess is that is part of the problem. He needs to play out more, and we need him inside. So he has to...
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    Tournament affected by the corona virus?

    Me and my +3 decided not to go about 4:30 pm. Was bummed, but it was the right decision. Hotel allowed us to cancel with no cancel fees. Now it looks like we made the right decisions. But still bummed.
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    Tournament affected by the corona virus?

    Then why are they still allowing fans at the A10?
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    Tournament affected by the corona virus?

    Well, I just hope that if they "cancel" fans (either by not letting us in or by cancelling the entire thing) they do it soon (today). Most hotels now have a two day cancellation rule. So I have until midnight to cancel. These are some expensive hotels. I hate to spend the weekend in NYC and...
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    The A-10 Tournament Bracket

    Well, the only thing about that bracket is I would have rather played Dayton in the final when they are more tired. But hey, if you beat Dayton on Friday it will be talk of College Basketball all weekend. That would be good. And it would set us up perfectly for the rubber match with the...
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    2020 Brooklyn Roll Call

    Me + 3. Now will leave VERY early Thursday morning driving. For anyone taking the train, looks like a lot of people are canceling trips. Amtrak cutting back DC to NY routes. Amtrak
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    Recruiting Welcome to VCU, Josh Banks!

    A friend of mine saw him play in Charlotte about a week ago. He is a UVA grad and a Duke fan and watches a lot of basketball. He was impressed with Banks , only said he needs to add a little weight. Said we got a good one.
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    A-10 Seeding Scenarios: Pray for the 6/7 line

    That is the path I want. UR, URI, Dayton. I think it just comes down to how healthy we are.
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    The Official Close the Regular Season with a win at The DC Wildcats Thread

    I know there is a ticket thread, but just had someone call me with two ticket for sale for Friday. He wants face value for them. He is in Richmond. PM me and I'll give you his number.
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    A-10 Seeding Scenarios: Pray for the 6/7 line

    Last year we were picked 7th, finished 1st and lost in the first game of the A-10 after a critical injury. This year we were picked 1st. We need to finish 7th and WIN the A-10 after several injured players return for the A-10 run for KARMA to be in full force. I'm all about the KARMA coming...
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    NIT Bracketology

    And I think we will. Win four, hope for some help and get to play teams in the A-10 that won't hurt our NET. Get to the finals and who knows what would happen.
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    The state of Ramnation

    No one has checked out. (Well, except for a few fans who don't have a clue) Maybe an injury or two limiting some, but these guys are engaged. I sat five rows behind our bench in St. Louis. I saw how they were reacting. Trust me, they gave it their all. If you sit at home and watch what TV...
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    The state of Ramnation

    So how does that work out for the #2 recruiting class that UNC has (had?) coming next year? By that logic, only a few teams would be able to recruit and there would only be a few good teams. Because players would only go to good teams?
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    The state of Ramnation

    Based on your vast experience in doing what? Are you in the business? Do you ever go to a game? Without looking it up, can you name two assistants we have? Have you ever sat and talked to ANY college coach? Thought so.
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    The state of Ramnation

    You know I go to a lot of VCU road games. And I talk to a lot of fans from the schools we travel to. When we played @Texas I did not talk to a single person who wanted Shaka to stay. One asked me if we could take him with us when we left. And we were sitting in the prime seats, mid-court...