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    Need 1 ticket for game on 10/26

    Hey all looking for 1 ticket for the game this Saturday. Thought I was gonna be out of town but plans change and want to be able to spend the Saturday with the ramily. If anyone has one let me know!
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    *SOLD* Selling 2 for Gardner-Webb

    Im interested in these tickets.
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    *SOLD* Selling 2 for Gardner-Webb

    Im assuming the tickets are gone now
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    Looking for 2 for Gardner Webb

    Taking a friend who is new to the area and trying to get him fully engrossed in VCU basketball.
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    1 ticket for UofR game

    I have one ticket for sale for the game on Wednesday. Its Section 24, Row J, Seat 14 Selling face value $55
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    VCU vs ODU ticket

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    VCU vs ODU ticket

    Selling one GA ticket for the ODU game on Saturday. Selling for $35. Pm me if interested.