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    2020 A-10/MWC Challenge

    2020 A 10 NET: 8th-ranked conference 114-61 cumulative non-conference record .6514 NET rating 2020 AAC: 7th-ranked conference 105-47 cumulative non-conference record .6708 NET rating I'm not sure this makes the AAC a much better and more high-profile conference. Looks pretty much to be about...
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva announces departure from VCU

    The national player of the year.
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    Dec. 3 is a Thursday.
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    True. They hurt Treveon Graham on a dirty play, going for a loose ball and diving on his legs. And of course they knocked Marcus out during the A 10 tourney last year. Dowtin, I believe.
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    NIT Bracketology

    Barring a four-game sweep in Brooklyn, I think the NIT would be a good fall-back for us. As others have posted, it would allow the younger guys to progress and get more practice time. Losing a first-round NCAA game is rather sobering in itself. At least we might win a couple NIT games if this...
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    Two For Sale vs UR 1/28 sec 23 row T

    I can give you $75 for the pair.
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    The Official Beat The Fayers in Ohio Thread

    I don't think we've been havoc-like since Weber left.
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    VCU and A10 advanced metrics/rankings (NET, KenPom, Torvik)

    It help us the most if our conference scheduling partners (those we play twice) win over the A-10 teams we play once.
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    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in the Animal Thread

    It just might be, Mr. Crozet Ram.
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    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in the Animal Thread

    He and Dowtin both, if I remember correctly.