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    2019 Season

    Well done, Rams!!! on to the A10 Tourney....enjoy that bye
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    Nwankwo was here and redshirted....he left the same year as Scissum
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    Here's the last 10 seasons PJ Byrd Sean Mobley Tyler Maye Lewis Djonkam Samir Doughty Hamdy Marquell "The Puppet" Fraser Gerron Scissum *Jonathan Nwankwo...thanks MistaChill Terry Larrier Antravious Simmons Michael Gilmore Jarius Lyles DJ Haley Teddy Okearafor Justin Tuoyo Free Reco McCarter...
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    Couldn't agree more, MM PJ Byrd and Family? Using social media in an appropriate and mature way Marquell Fraser? weak Best of luck to PJ and the Byrd Family (who, along with Marquell Fraser, will NOT have a mountain of debt following the completion of their collegiate journey)
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    Hason Ward is a VCU Ram!

    Any chance he makes it to 6'10"+ when it's all said and done?? Summer weight/conditioning program is gonna be HUGE for all of these young men comin' in!!! Am I too psyched too early?!??!?! It's not even June!!!
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    Hason Ward is a VCU Ram!

    Yes!!! Sorry to see Mobs go Happy to see Young Mr. Ward come in!!! Helps with depth, rim protection, and teir-ing
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    2019 Season

    Yea, it's been that way since I started following VCU Baseball in the early 90's.....CAA/A10 just doesn't have the depth/recruits/profile to generate an at large opportunity. The ONLY way for a team like VCU to be considered for an at large would be to win those P5 games AND roll through...
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    NCAA rules committee want to change 3 point line

    LOVE this idea....get in line with International and make it more of a challenge!!
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    Recruiting 2019 Offers

    Solid get for AG...he's gonna be a load in the block
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    Recruiting 2019 3* PF Hason Ward has committed to VCU!

    Young Mr. Ward would be a GREAT "get" this late in the game and would go a HUGE way towards getting our Rams some frontcourt depth. Super glad MR was able to snag an OV.....fingers crossed!!
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    2019 Season

    Since Top 25 status and at-large consideration have gone by the wayside....I'm looking forward to seeing how the guys ramp up their intensity/focus coming into the end of their slate (ALL away games) and the all-important A10 Tourney in The Bronx what's left? 1 @ Norfolk State 3 @ St. Joe's 1 @...
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    Some people have so little going on in their lives that external things like sports/reality programming/politics/et al "fill the void"... meh...the struggle of the Human Condition, I suppose. Ultimately we live on a space ship hurtling through space at 1,700 km/ you gotta find joy where...
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    Recruiting VCU has made the cut for 2019 3* G Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland

    UConn ...the Baja Men of college basketball
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    Recruiting Transfer Market

    Plus, he had a KILLER career in Spain
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    2019 Season

    Rams down 3-0 going into the 9th vs UVa........