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    New Litos!

    Nice...Hopefully he has another one in the chute regarding early impressions of the frosh class.
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    Offseason News

    I like the bow at the end...
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    Sean Gone

    I'm still wondering if this whole offseason journey of his will be connected wherever his little brother ends up as well.
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    Big East Expansion?

    Oooooooo, Red Snapper.....that’s a good fish, Weaver
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    Players News About RAMS In The Pros Just Keep Scrolling ;)
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    Big East Expansion?

    You make some very persuasive points here...My takeaway is this a-I'm glad I don't have to make whatever impending call(s) are comin' down the tracks like a freight train and b-No matter what?? A10 or AAC?? VCU Basketball is gonna be just fine
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    Big East Expansion?

    THIS all day....As much as we love VCU Bball? There are dozens and dozens of other actual VCU student-athletes/coaches/trainers/academic advisors and programs to boot that demand consideration. I just don't see the AAC as a viable option when you consider AAC Footprint/Travel/$$$ considerations...
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    Former Recruits and Players

    Once upon a time Aric Holman was an intense VCU target
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    VCU’s Recruiting in the A-10

    That was my first year in the Pep Band....looking back it's easy to see why I became a VORACIOUS VCU Basketball fan :twisted:
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    Bones Is Home.

    he has a real apatite for all things Ram Basketball
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    Bones Is Home.

    Truth!!! @Mistachill is part of the bedrock of VCURN
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    The Draft

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    The Draft

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    I am buying stock in Rhoades

    Also THIS!!!!