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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva announces departure from VCU

    Serious question Is there anyone on this years (or lasts years) team that you would want replaced with MSS or Mobley? Yea, I didn't think so They did their thing here until they didn't and Coach Rhoades went out and, frankly, got the right kind of guys here to play our particular brand of ball...
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    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    Just for fun I looked into Temple's Football financials....hard to find a ton of info, but it looks like they spend roughly 24 million and make roughly 24 million.....that seems dubious to me, I'm guessing they're cooking the books in a way that makes it look like they are NOT hemorrhaging money...
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    Players Alphonzo Billups is a VCU Ram!

    Rhoades and Company are KILLING it out there bringing in guys who clearly understand the Ram Way and how MR and Staff are gonna go about doing on the court off the court in the classroom and in the community. VERY glad to see young Mr. Billups staying home Also, That 247 link...
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    What’s YOUR expectation for the season?

    I'm with you on all that....I really think that last statement is painfully true......I'd love to not see our Rams rely constantly on the "pass around the horn and back" before activating plays or just jacking up a 3. When Bones or Treveon or TD were here? Sure, but there's too much talent on...
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    What’s YOUR expectation for the season?

    I appreciate having two voting options so as to pick what I hope/expect and, of course, the good ol GFY option. It's already been said....but Chemistry/Ace's status/PG status while he's out Some years I'm just hopin for a Top 4 finish and maybe 20 wins. This team? Clearly a preseason top 3...
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    The Official Off Season Thread

    ....and paint my house with your brains!!!
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    Minutes this season

    Jarren McAllister is probably the biggest X factor on this team after "who starts at PG?" was hard seeing him robbed of a year with that ACL injury, but dude looks ready to go. Really hard to find a "weak link" on this roster with BMB/X Jackson/PJ Byrd-types gone.
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    VCU sophomore Bones Hyland to sign with agent entering 2021 NBA Draft

    I feel like Best and Most Talented can actually be both Maynor and Bones in that order. And that’s not too bad
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    Ace Baldwin is a major upgrade

    In Russia, Achilles ruptures you....
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    News News About RAMS In The Pros looks like Troy Daniels is headed to Italy’s Olimpio Milano....solid team in Liga Series A and is part of Euroleague. Hope he lights it up in Europe!
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    NCAA Tournament 2021

    @thedog congrats to Bulldog Nation! There must be nonstop parties in Starkesville after that one...onto the draft!!
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    Recruiting 22' 6'10 4* Rivals Top 150 Christian Fermin commits to VCU.

    I’m currently in Plymouth Mass where July the 3rd is a MAJOR holiday So I’m hoping that the bonfires and up close fireworks later will be heralding some gooood news!! happy 3rd!! It’s wicked pissah!!
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    The Official Off Season Thread

    A thousand times agree....maybe once the ranks of the unvaccinated and uneducated and purposefully ignorant get thinned out a bit those morons will actually join the ranks of GOOD CITIZENS Doing what is necessary for the greater good of their community....which leads to the greater good of your...
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    Jarren McAllister

    ...she gave them some broth without any bread then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed I'm not sure which is worse...the original or the Andrew Dice Clay version...:?
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    The Official Off Season Thread

    What position does Logan play on the gridiron? Followup....what sport offers his best option to play at the next level (D1/2/III)?
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