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    Someone snuck into the Coliseum and posted pictures

    I was fortunate enough to attend both games and have one of the nets from the 1984 Times Dispatch Tournament Championship game (VCU 69 - VA Tech 65) given to me by JD. Great memories for the Ram fans.
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    Recruiting 22' 6'10 4* Composite Top 100 Christian Fermin commits to VCU.

    I got to know Jim during his freshman year. Chuck Noe use to say that Jesse Dark was the only player he knew that could go bear hunting with switch. Jim Turns loved to bear hunt with a bow and arrow.
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    The Official Beat the Fordham Rams in the Bronx Thread

    I played many pickup games with Len. My only problem with Len was he could shoot better with his left hand than I could shoot with my right hand and he's not left handed. I have always felt that he should be listed as our number one all time scorer. The only thing that changed in his...
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    Recruiting 2022 Offers

    Bernard Harris was known as "Mr. Basketball" in Finland. Bernard got in touch With Coach Capel and made him aware of Gerald Lee. Coach Capel let Bernard know that he was not interested in any European or Scandinavian players, enter ODU. I still remember the Centenary game when Bernard...
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    Ram Nation loses one of its best, vcubob

    Bob was one of the Good guys who loved the Rams. I had the pleasure of going to several away games with him over the years. It is always hard when we lose a member of our Ram family. Chris, thanks for letting us know of Bob's. passing.
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    Siegel Center Experience

    My wife and I went to the VCU game on a Saturday night. Daughter born Sunday night. My wife, newly born daughter and yours truly at the VCU game Wednesday night. Now taking my grandkids to the games. My daughter (life time ram) has taught them well.
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    Need help- Looking for a Jersey

    With your luck the TV camera will show your lovely bride wearing her Cowboy's jersey.
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    Is it too early .........for the 20-21 starting line-up?

    I have never been good at guessing so I'm going to pass on naming a starting 5. The one thing that was all too evident last year was both Douglas and Ward's ability to pick up mutiple fouls in a relatively short amount of court time. Personally I would be looking hard at having 15 fouls to...
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    A Beloved RamFan, Bob Maphis, has passed away

    What a wonderful person , VCU fan and friend Bob was to so many of us. I had the pleasure of knowing Bob for more years than I can count: from the very early years of VCU basketball, fun times with the Final 4 Club, basketball road trips (way too much fun), Coliseum & Siegel Center games and...
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    Knowledge poll for the Nation: Best handles in VCU history

    Without a doubt, Keith "Tiny" Highsmith" - Unbelievable ball handler - couldn't shoot a lick
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    The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

    No, you know that happens before the game. This was an after the game net.
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    The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

    I am fortunate enough to have one of the two nets from the VCU versus Va. Tech game in 1984. The net was given to me by J.D.Barnett. The Coliseum was really rocking that day!
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    Big East Expansion?

    Districtballer, Well stated - you are right on the money
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    Rambo - You are correct with your call on Rolando Lamb. He was a complete player on both ends of the court.
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    duncanlamb - The only pg, in my estimation, that came out of HS ready to assume the duties of pg was Edmund Sherod.