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    I feel 5 guys will start every game - just not always the SAME 5 guys.
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    Welcome Back Ryan

    Welcome home Ryan. Can't wait to hear/feel this year's band rocking the Stu. When it's right they/you drive up the excitement that is RAM basketball. The best dang Pep band in the land!
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    2022-23 Targets (Minutes/Points)

    Agree. DeLoach starts, Fermin spells him. Both get good minutes. Both Kerns and Banks will earn more minutes than JMac. Unless Shriver can defend, he will be limited, too.
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    2022-23 Roster Construction/Mgmt

    I see a lot of confidence in Jackson this year - with some thinking he will start. I hope they are right. I just have not seen enough to be confident in that. In 2 years at Michigan he only played in 20 games and scored a total of 29 points. I know that there were plenty of circumstances...
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    Welcome Toibu Lawal

    We just landed the next Toibu Lawal. He isn't a Warren, Bias, Ward, Sanders, ... or anyone else. He is a 6'8" highly athletic incoming freshman with limited experience or exposure. Based on stats and recognition alone he is more potential than delivery to date. Our coaches see something...
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    Welcome Toibu Lawal

    I really like this recruit. Crazy athletic + limited experience screams tons of upside to me. With work, and time to develop, the sky is the limit for him.
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    David Shriver Is A Ram!

    With 13 scholarship players- you have starters, back-ups, and role players. One role sometimes is a 3point sniper / zone breaker. I have never seen this guy play, but a quick review of highlight reels, and 41% on a good # of 3s yells sniper to me. I am happy to welcome David S to the team...
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Warriors have too much fire power. Bones had a efficient shooting night. Tied for 2nd leading Denver scorer in only 17 minutes shooting 2-2 on 3ptrs; 6-6 from the line. Jokic just needs more help.
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    It may be hard to lose to the lakers.
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    Hason Ward transferring.

    I will miss Ward - and wish him well. He has a world of potential - all the physical tools. When he can get his "heart" to match his body, he will be a force. Until then ..... I hope he finds the motivation and heart to unleash his potential at his next stop. Best wishes, Hasan.
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    Players The Vince Williams Thread

    Vince has been the type of player and man that makes me a RAM fan. He is a credit to family, School, and community. We will miss him greatly. All the best, Vince, on your next chapter.
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    The Official Beat the SLU Billikens in the Season Finale at Chaifetz Arena Thread

    Wow, this game could be the difference between being 1st or 3rd. Big swing. Guess we better just win it.
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    No VCU game, so who's down to watch Fats Billups Thursday at Collegiate?

    I've watched him twice recently (at Patrick henry and at Hanover). You could see the potential, but he was not particularly assertive offensively (tended to let others do the work). Both games were blow outs for Varina - which may have eliminated any sense of urgency.
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    After 2 straight games scoring double digits and getting 21+ minutes I think I just heard the G-League bus leaving the station empty and the All Rookie Team Bus pulling in.