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    2022 Offseason

    If it's a great sandwich, I am eating that half and getting another to go.
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    Recruiting 2023 3* SG Lawrent Rice :Closed.

    Everyday you have at least one of "those moments," lol!
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    Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers

    Someone buy it and then post it here...... @duncanlamb make yourself useful, lol. JK!
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    Players Obinnaya Okafor (6’9 forward) walking on at VCU.

    you should be banned forever for posting this bums picture
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    Recruiting Trey Green: Closed

    UVA people need to get a grip. Lol.
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    Recruiting Eli Rice: Closed

    Given his past, could benefit from a redshirt year.
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    Recruiting 2023 Offers

    Oh DL. 🤦‍♂️
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    Recruiting 2023 Offers

    Woah woah, bro lol! Who said I knew him on a personal level or ever balled with him? You could've just directly messaged me to ask rather than bring up/talk about a player we have nothing to do with anymore. To answer your question tho...I don't care where he goes.
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    Recruiting Trey Green: Closed

    Umm.....what? Check again
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    Recruiting Elmarko Jackson: Closed

    All good dude. The way I look at it is this....unless there's a tweet/post by a player that says officially, "heres my list," then everything else is not a list. There's so much info out there about recruits, but can't post everything nor should we assume. I appreciate you being accepting...
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    Recruiting Elmarko Jackson: Closed

    And this is the type of crap many of us have been talking about. Love the info and news....but stop posting BS info @duncanlamb. I just don't get why it's so hard for you my dude.
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    Welcome Toibu Lawal

    Oh okay. Got busy and didn't scroll all the way down.
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    Welcome Toibu Lawal

    This is not the same thing man. Toibu is standing vertical, vs run and jump.
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    Recruiting Silas Demary Jr.

    Bro, I am not bypassing anything. I grew up a UNC fan and still follow them and Silas himself, just last week, said he has NOT heard from them.....but you are saying they have been in contact with him several times. This is what I am alluding to about the news you post. There's no validity...