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    VCU Media Mentions
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    Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers

    Dam*, 15 pounds? Aight Nick. Thick Nick.....pause.
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    Recruiting 2022 Offers

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    Recruiting 2022 Offers

    here it is....sound is not working tho
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    Recruiting 2022 Offers

    Grandma is running their Twitter account and she is running late on posting the live stream.
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    Recruiting 2022 Offers

    Believe this is just them reporting on JShaws future cast vote, which we knew about already.
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    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation
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    Recruiting 2022 Offers

    Lol, oohhhh DLamb. You never fail us.
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

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    Welcome Marcus Tsohonis!!!

    He couldn't even if he tried, haha.
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    VCU Media Mentions

    We are an 11 seed playing Cuse in.........THE EAST BRACKET WHICH IS IN PHILLY!!!! But we already know where we are really going to end up.
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    Players Welcome to VCU, Jamir Watkins!!!!!

    That's what I was just texting with folks, don't be surprised if Hason AND Jamir declare and get drafted next year. I can see Jamir making a huge jump this offseason.
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    Recruiting Transfer Market

    Lol, I just saw this on Twitter.
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    Recruiting Transfer Market

    Someone come with a bigger bag?