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    The 2020-21 Men's Basketball Tournament

    There are still a few left on third party sites, but the resell prices have been hiked from the original $40 on Ticketmaster:
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    Selling 2 GA for GW - SOLD

    Two GA tickets for Saturday - $10 each
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    SOLD: VCU Loyola

    Selling 2 tickets for Sunday. Section 24 row C, on the aisle. $30 each
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    2 For Missouri St - SOLD

    Selling 2 GA tickets for Missouri State, $10 each
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    Cyber Monday: VCU @ GMU

    Just a heads up for those planning on making the trip: George Mason is running a 50% Cyber Monday deal for all January games, which includes VCU. Tickets are $7.50 before fees with promo code JAN50. Go Rams
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    SOLD Alabama St. Tix

    SOLD Due to a miscommunication with out-of-town holiday guests, I have 4 extra GA tickets to Alabama State on Monday. Looking to get $25/pair or $50/total, less than what they are from Athletics. Thanks!
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    ISO 1 for UCF

    If someone in your group bailed and you have a single, let me know. Would like to avoid the online fees if possible. Go Rams
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    2019 A10 Season Awards

    Look for a motivated MSS to average 15 and 15 this weekend.
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    League 2019 A-10 Tournament

    Just got this email from Fordham. They are offering $125 all-session booklets through 2/24. Great deal for people who want to go other games besides VCU.
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    HATE WEEK PART ONE: The 2019 Official Beat Fur in the Animal Thread

    I just uploaded the 2015 game at Barclays:
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    A-10 tournament train

    I guess Robby is pretty confident he won’t be calling the Thursday 2:30 game for a 5-seed VCU
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    Should we even have a home and home with UR?

    Should we even have gold rush dancers anymore?
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    STU Aisle Walkers/Stoppage in Play

    On a related note, had my shirt tugged from behind twice last night to sit down following a big play/moment. I made sure to only stand when the people in front of me stood, but that still wasn't satisfactory. Then they left at the under 4.