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    The Official Beat The Virginia State Trojans in The Animal Thread

    The team needs to reaffirm what they know they know, and discover what they don't know they know so they know what to work on now. Go Rams...
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    Countdown to the Exhibition Game

    Looking at VSU's roster, ton of seniors and juniors...but a lot of transfers, too. I'll assume this is a seasoned team and will be a formidable opponent. Rather be tested than face a "cupcake" (that's Tuesday😉)
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    Remember this?

    I was there...for once I can say I did not contribute to the
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    VCU Football undefeated

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    The 2019-20 Season

    Andy Katz first bracket...way too early...I like he has Bill & Mary in, but us as a 9 seed...hogwash...
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    The 2019-20 Season

    Village is more of the 'pre-game' spot; Home Team Grill for away games?
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    The 2019-20 Season

    That sux...Jeff is and has been a true friend of Ram fans. And while our W/L record while I was watching a game there was about 50/ was a great place to catch up w/ my old teammates.
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    All Rhoades lead to VCU 2019: WELCOME Henderson, McAllister, Clark, Ward & Hyland

    Worth highlighting this...and I would add to how much Bone's may play is to use Byrds minutes as the floor...maybe the standard.
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    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    I like the Elam ending...there I said it😋
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    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    Great game...Gibbs on the OSU alumni team was fun to watch...6'2", 245 lbs, and plays small fwd (maybe XS?). Bucking stereotypes.
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    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    they have a Friday 4-pack for 17 each...they are selling tickets at the door for $ $5 each even with the service charge. Just found 1/2 a beer money!
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    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    I think if they do repeat, TBT will be challenged with growing the event.
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    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    I should know the answer...but will there be golden beverages for sale during the TBT?
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    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    Just don't threaten to streak the quad if the gofundme goals aren't met...or maybe do threaten? :lol: