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    The Official Beat the Jacksonville Dolphins at the Stu Thread

    We should beat them soundly, just for the halibut.
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    Staff Shaka to Marquette (#DoneDeal)

    And Mack McCarthy, if you consider girth.
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    The Official Beat the Kennesaw State Owls at the Stu Thread

    Never forget the greatest football player in Polk High history- Owl Bundy
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    Season tickets

    8 hour drive to the Stu. Do you live in DC?😛
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    “It’s it the five guys who start that matter. It’s the six guys who finish.” Chris Mooney
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    2022-2023 OOC Schedule

    The Hopewell Blue Devils won a state championship last year so they can’t be overrated. Is there another Blue Devil basketball team?
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    2022-2023 OOC Schedule

    TBD means “To Be Defeated”.
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Only if said hobbies and interests are approved by a supermajority of ramnation members. And only if the voting is tallied from an official West End Ed poll. :D:D
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    Recruiting 22' 6'10 4* Composite Top 100 Christian Fermin commits to VCU.

    He must like classic rock. He is mentioned in the lyrics of "Night Moves". 🎶 Way up, Fermin high.🎶
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    Bob McKillup Retires

    I’ve come to this forum for 10 years, just hoping for a Zager and Evans reference. Today my dream has been realized.
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    Bob McKillup Retires

    Still younger than average for a Spider fan.
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    22-23 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Patrick Knight.
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    2022 Offseason

    Tough as a $4 steak. Inflation must be taken into account when reusing cliches.