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    The Official Beat the Wahoos in Hooville Thread

    a us-based vpn might get around it... does the bahamas have sports bars? D:
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    The Official Beat the Wahoos in Hooville Thread

    my post above from the colorado perspective might be helpful, but being international complicates things!
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    The Official Beat the Wahoos in Hooville Thread

    im in denver -- this is an oddly tricky game to nail down! here's what i've figured out so far: - if you can log into watchespn with a cable provider (not the same thing as espn+!) you should be able to see it listed as an "acc network extra" game. use the VT game as a canary. - you also may be...
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    The Official Beat the UVA-Wise Cavaliers

    hai frens i new here; is tv game? (kidding. hi.)
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    Havoc - or F.A.T.E?

    "it's fate you fear" has a certain nihilistic je ne sais quoi. i approve.
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    What should we do now?

    Continue to perform at high levels while our former coaches sit on their respective hot seats?
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    I see a lot of posts about how VCU is a stepping stone for coaches. The numbers would seem to suggest that they are stepping stones for our program.
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    You'd think such a numbers-focused guy would notice his predecessors' track records. Oh well. VCU will continue to get better, as we always do.
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    Honestly, do you root for or against Shaka's Texas team?

    Your nightly dose of schadenfreude: "TCU snapped a 30-year, 14-game streak of futility Wednesday night. Vladimir Brodziansky scored 19 points, including the go-ahead basket with 50 seconds remaining, to lead the Horned Frogs to a 64-61 victory over Texas, their first in Austin since 1987. The...
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    All things Dougie Brooks

    Dougie's commentary on having fun while you play was beautiful.
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    The Official Beat The LU Flames Thread (even though its an exhibition)

    It's like people expect the team to be in the previous season's March form in the current season's November. Who cares how many seniors we have; every season is a new season.
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    ~Justin "MISTER GLASS" Thrillman~

    No definitive statement vis-a-vis Justin playing tonight, I'm guessing?
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    Litos Post Thread

    I don't see any new Litos posts; am I missing something?